On two wheels

Earlier this month, the Bay Area recognized "Bike to Work Day". Many companies participated, including Sun which has a fanatical base of employees who incorporate bicycling into their lives. Each year we have individual employees and teams participating in the AIDS ride and riding in fund raisers to fight MS. In the past, I used to commute by bike to our Santa Clara campus. It was a refreshing way to start the work day and an even better way to shed the stress before returning home. Regretfully, the distance to Sun's Menlo Park campus (where I work now) has undermined my ability to commute by bike - unless I can find someone to volunteer as a "domestique".

This doesn't mean that I have forgone my love of the pedals. In fact, these days I do more riding than ever. (This weekend's descent down Montebello Road , accompanied by a Coldplay soundtrack, was almost transcendental.) I've also enjoyed getting more involved in organized rides and other interesting biking activities. The latest is San Jose Bike Party. Held late in the evening on the third Friday of each month, it's a viral event bringing together riders from throughout the South Bay and Peninsula. This month's ride included nearly 1,000 riders of all levels with many in costume. My favorite was the tandem pulling a couch - the cycling equivalent of an RV? The experience of riding down a major city thoroughfare at midnight with hundreds of other riders was both celebratory and eerie. But, it provided an appealing glimpse of life without the automobile.

For those interested, the next ride is Friday, June 19th.


You're the GC of a public company, I'm relatively certain you could get a peloton of law firm associates if you wanted one. Perhaps you could have the Preferred Peloton Program.

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