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Dan Hushon is the Chief Technologist for the Strategic Development Business Unit. He leads the techical architecture, cross-Sun alignment, and execution of Sun's utility computing strategy; a pay as you go, multi-tenant isolated network of computing resources linked by a network operating system. Dan's specific expertise lies in the areas of adaptive enterprise architectures, distributed and distributable service oriented architectures (SOAs), and utility computing. Prior to his position as Chief Technologist, Dan was the Chief Technologist for US Client Solutions, Sun's field sales organization.

Since joining Sun in 1996, Dan has been involved in a variety of Enterprise Technology Insertion projects in the telecommunications, defense, financial and manufacturing vertical markets. These projects have leveraged distributed service based architectures to integrate legacy systems,while creating a loosely coupled environment to facilitate service re-use and provide architecture resiliency to constantly changing demand/load as well as service composition. Dan's consulting experience ranges a broad set of Sun technologies that include the Java Enterprise System, Java 2 MicroEdition™ (J2ME™) Jini Connection Technology™, Jxta™, JavaCard™, Edge, N1™ and Blade services and deploying these technologies to a variety of enterprise infrastructure targets. The specific target markets have included wireless application and Internet Service Providers (WASP/WISP), Virtual Network Service Providers (VNSP), as well as broadband, digital television and traditional enterprise customers. To this end, Dan has engaged with several DoD program offices including US Navy SPAWAR, US Army MTMC and TACOM/NAC, US TRANSCOM GTN21, DARPA, through engagements with top Government System Integrators; as well as a number of commercial entities including Ford Motor Company, Telefonica Moviles, Sprint PCS, Vodafone, AT&T Wireless and others in the application of Sun’s advanced technologies to solve critical business challenges with respect to dynamic, deterministic service based networks.

Prior to Sun, Dan spent more than 5 years growing a DoD/commercial products effort (focused on MPP Signal Processing) for a mid-sized government consulting firm. With more than 16 years of software development expertise in the areas of Object Oriented Analysis & Design, embedded system/ real-time software development, and massively parallel processing. An alumnus of Carnegie Mellon University where he worked in Computational Bio-Physics, and the Capability Maturity Model (CMM) which was under development at the SEI; Dan continues to be involved with measurable development and architectural methodologies.

Dan has extensive experience in distributed object technology including RPC/OORPC,CORBA, RMI, Java 2 Enterprise Edition, Jini, Jxta/P2P, and the J2ME platforms, and helping Sun customers with the successful deployment of these technologies through the application CMM/Six Sigma techniques.

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