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Submit JavaOne and OpenWorld talks to Silicon Valley Code camp by Sept 2nd

Silicon Valley Code Camp (October 8thth and 9th, 2011) is open for Java Track submissions until Sept 2nd.

It’s up to us to get the Java Track show up strongly!  Also, the sooner you submit the more attendees you’ll get!  You must register and submit by Sept 2nd. 

OpenWorld/Develop/JavaOne 2011: Oct 2nd-6th
Silicon Valley Code Camp: Oct 8th - 9th  (that same Sat/Sun)
Location: FootHill College in Los Altos Hills – 1 hour drive from San Francisco.
Popular community topics: Java, .Net, Cloud – but tracks are driven by submissions, not the other way around…

SVCC is a free .NET and Java community code camp event for around 1800 bay area software developers.  It’s a whole weekend of for-the-community-by-the-community sessions, labs, etc.  Submissions are 100% accepted – no committee to get through, just capacity restrictions – and it’s first come first serve.  It’s never going to get easier to for HQ, Bay Area, or approved OOW/J1 speakers to:

  • Re-use Java One / Develop presentations with a developer focus
  • Have a venue for submissions that were alternates/rejects (assuming they are up to Oracle standards)
  • Get out in front of the developer community for the first time

Presentation and Demo.  Presenters will have wired Ethernet.
Hands on labs that require more than 1GB ram are not recommended as the school doesn’t have great machines.

Audience and Tone:
SVCC is a large community event, and I’d recommend submissions should be “tech” focused, and somewhat less “Oracle product” focused like you’d do for an OOW submission for best attendance.
Eg.  “WS* vs. REST: Which should you choose?”  might be better than “Intro to my product's Web Services features”.   There are still plenty of vendor specific topics, so you can still go that route if you want to.  Also, this is a MSFT & Java community event, so MSFT interop topics are great! While it’s open season for any Oracle topic to submit, the organizers have a Java / .NET focus.  As a result, this developer audience tends to be more focused on things like Java, .NET, Cloud, and Virtualization (and less on COBOL, mainframe, Solaris).   Don’t let it stop you though – this camp is what you make it!

How to submit:
Submission Guidelines:
Any submissions need to be tagged with “Oracle” & “Java” (if applicable) within the SVCC system, and so that it can be tracked/promoted.  We may look at other global tags if trends emerge.

CFP text from the organizers:
Call For Speaker Submissions – October 8th and 9th 2011
Posted by Peter Kellner on May 5, 2011 @ 5:21 PM
Silicon Valley Code Camp 2011 is looking for outstanding presentations covering a wide variety of topics. The theme of these topics needs to have something to do with the technical community and preferably be directly or indirectly related to code. We pride ourselves in being vendor agnostic so it does not matter whether you are Steve Jobs, Larry Ellison or Bill Gates, we want you to come and present at our camp. We expect a wide variety of speakers with skills ranging from full time professional speakers to first timers. We actually encourage first time speakers so if you have not spoken before, please have a go! We review the sessions posted and for the most part take them as is, though we may contact you for alterations or further discussions as necessary.
Typically, we accept one presentation per presenter, however we do make exceptions so feel free to contact us if you feel the need to do more than one and we will try and be accommodating. We only have so much capacity so it is not always under our direct control. Feel free to contact us at if you have any questions. We typically close session submission about 6 weeks before the event so if you want to have the best chance of presenting, you had better submit your session soon. Once you submit it, it will immediately become live on our site so make sure you think carefully about your words before pressing the submit button


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