Modern Developer | May 24, 2017

Development That's Fast, Simple, and Powerful

By: Edgar Haren


Cloud-based application development is growing at an incredible pace due to the rise of tethered database cloud services, coupled with modern, intuitive, and powerful development tools.

In years past, developers were plagued by some concrete challenges:

  • Cumbersome user interface and user experience
  • Lack of scalability
  • Lack of performance from unoptimized databases
  • New frameworks and platforms
  • Security

Application development is inherently difficult, as the developer must deliver a final product that achieves its desired goal, but also must possess creative elements that are pleasing, brand-building and technically modern.  With developers in mind, Oracle offers Application Express, a solution that has more than ten years of real-world usage and community activity.  Oracle APEX enables you to design, develop and deploy beautiful, responsive, database-driven applications using only your web browser.

So what is Application Express? Oracle Application Express is the native low code framework of the Oracle Database. Using Application Express, you can easily create modern, responsive, scalable web applications with minimal effort. With no additional coding, web apps created with APEX look great on the desktop, tablet or smartphone.

Application Express is a supported feature of Oracle Database and is included, at no additional cost, with every Oracle Database, both on-premises and in the cloud. There are no additional licensing costs based on the number of developers, applications or end-users.  Application Express is also included with every Oracle Database Cloud Service, from the low-price Oracle Database Exadata Express Cloud Service all the way up to the Oracle Database Exadata Cloud Service.

With Application Express, you can focus on the problem at hand. Much of the development process is managed for you: security, authentication, database interactions, input validation, session state management and many other dependencies work out of the box. All the tools you need are available in a single, extensible platform, which runs as a part of the Oracle Database. 

Oracle APEX offers customers many valuable features and benefits, and as a result, many APEX users share common use cases. The primary use case stems from customers looking to quickly develop new web-based applications for departmental (Line-of-Business) use. Second, are customers looking to extend their enterprise application solutions, and the third use case is focused on customers looking to modernize their legacy applications. Check out Joel Kallman’s blog as he talks about the power of APEX for low code development and its benefit in effortless design and automation. If you are already savvy to APEX, then see Joel’s blog for the latest features and enhancements for Oracle APEX 5.1.1.

With Oracle Cloud, you have the power of choice through a wide variety of programming languages, database and compute types, containers, IDEs, and powerful development tools. You can get instant access to a fully configured Oracle Database. Also, since Oracle provides the same user experience and leveraged skill sets across on-premises or cloud deployments, customers also benefit from the flexibility of deployment choice. With Oracle Cloud, you have the broadest choice of tools and languages to quickly code and build your apps.

You can find extensive content about Application Express from the APEX Learn More site. Wherever there is an Oracle Database, you can try Oracle Application Express. If you have access to a trial of Oracle Database Cloud, or free credit to Oracle Cloud, you can begin utilizing APEX today.

Sign up today, and within a couple minutes, you can start to learn what has led thousands of other users to flourish with the Oracle Database and Oracle Application Express. It's that easy!

Edgar Haren is principal product marketing director for Oracle Database.


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