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You Know You Want to Do This To Your Boss

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Every time they walk into the data center, right? Darned monkey is an inspiration to us all.

So close the monkey link and pop up this one:

OTN Live - Chris Baker Describes Oracle Solaris Optimizations for x86 Servers

The show starts today, Tuesday, at 10:00 am PT. Have it playing in the background. It will make you look highly intelligent and full of initiative. (You can even ask questions via Twitter - just use the #techcast live tag.) As soon as you hear that data center door open, close Need for Speed and act wicked interested in what my good buddy Chris Baker is telling Justin about the Shakespearean love affair between Solaris and x86 servers. Make sure to point to your Twitter questions.

I can guaran-freakin-tee you that your boss will say "Hmm ... I thought Solaris was only optimized for SPARC hardware." At which point you can launch into a highly intelligent regurgitation of the excellent points Chris will make. You might just save your job!

If you'd like some additional background info about Solaris on x86, see this white paper: Oracle Solaris Operating System: Optimized for Sun x86 Systems In The Enterprise

In other animal news, did you realize that there is actually a medical term for someone who is afraid they are being watched by a duck? I kid you not. It's called ... ANATIDAEPHOBIA. Look it up.

-Rick System Admin and Developer Community of the Oracle Technology Network

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