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Will "Show me the money" kill IT?

Bob Rhubart
Community Manager, Oracle Groundbreakers Team

Upper Mismanagement,  Noam Schieber's article in The New Republic,  fixes some of the blame for the decline in American manufacturing on executives with backgrounds in finance. The article is chock-full of stuff that will resonate with enterprise architects and others in IT. For instance:

[T]hese executives were frequently numb to the sorts of innovations that enable high-quality production at low cost.

And there's this:

The new managerial class tended to neglect process innovation because it was hard to justify in a quarterly earnings report, where metrics like “return on investment” reigned supreme.

Can too intense a focus on money lead to a similar decline in IT? Is it already happening?


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  • Tom Monday, December 21, 2009
    I agree with this. Where I am now, we run on some free software (TomCat) which we have had issues with. We looked at the Enterprise App Servers (Weblogic and WebSphere). It would solve so many issues. High Availability, Clustering, Easier to Troubleshoot. Better metrics.... the only thing? We got shot down because we couldn't show them enough of an ROI.
    If the system crashes, they would then kneejerk and go out and buy it immediately... but until then... we are skating on thin ice.
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