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Vibrant and Growing: The Current State of API Management

Bob Rhubart
Community Manager, Oracle Groundbreakers Team

"Vibrant and growing all the time!" That's how Andrew Bell, Oracle PaaS API Management Architect at Capgemini, describes the current state of API management. "APIs are the doors to organizations, the means by which organizations connect to one another, connect their processes to one another, and streamline those processes to meet customer needs. The API environment is growing rapidly as we speak," Bell says.

"API management today is quite crucial," says Bell's Capgemini colleague Sander Rensen, an Oracle PaaS lead and architect, "especially for clients who want to go on a journey of a digital transformation. For our clients, the ability to quickly find APIs and subscribe to them is a very crucial part of digital transformation.

"It's not just the public-facing view of APIs," observes Oracle ACE Phil Wilkins, a senior Capgemini consultant specializing in iPaaS. "People are realizing that APIs are an easier, simpler way to do internal decoupling. If I expose my back-end system in a particular way to another part of the organization — the same organization — I can then mask from you how I'm doing transformation or innovation or just trying to keep alive a legacy system while we try and improve our situation," Wilkins explains. "I think that was one of the original aspirations of WSDL and technologies like that, but we ended up getting too fine-grained and tying WSDLs to end products. Then the moment the product changed that WSDL changed and you broke the downstream connections."

Luis Weir, CTO of Capgemini's Oracle delivery unit and an Oracle Developer Champion and ACE Director, is just as enthusiastic about the state of API management, but see's a somewhat rocky road ahead for some organizations. "APIs are one thing, but the management of those APIs is something entirely different," Weir explains

"API management is something that we're doing quite heavily, but I don't think all organizations have actually realized the importance of the full lifecycle management of the APIs. Sometimes people think of API management as just an API gateway. That’s an important capability, but there is far more to it,"

Weir wonders if organizations understand what it means to manage an API throughout its entire lifecycle.

Bell, Rensen, Wilkins, and Weir are the authors of Implementing Oracle API Platform Cloud Service, now available from Packt Publishing, and as you'll hear in this podcast, they bring considerable insight and expertise to this discussion of what's happening in API management. The conversation goes beyond the current state of API management to delve into architectural implications, API design, and how working in SOA may have left you with some bad habits. Listen!

This program was recorded on June 27, 2018.

The Panelists

Andrew Bell Andrew Bell
Oracle PaaS API Management Architect, Capgemini
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Sander Rensen Sander Rensen
Oracle PaaS Lead and Architect, Capgemini
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Luis Weir Luis Weir
CTO, Oracle DU, Capgemini
Oracle Developer Champion
Oracle ACE Director
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Phil Wilkins
Senior Consultant specializing in iPaaS
Oracle ACE
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