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User Forum Day - It's an Oracle 10g World (and we're living in it)

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User Forum Day at Oracle OpenWorld commenced on Sunday, with one of the most packed events being "How to Thrive as a DBA in an Oracle 10g World," a Tech Session/panel combo that began with a presentation from DBA trainer George Trujillo on manageability features in Oracle Database 10g.

George's main thrust was that senior DBAs, who are now tasked with supporting middle-tier infrastructure (Java, XML, Web Services) they know little about--in addition to being more performance optimization pressure than ever before ("Users have been spoiled by the instantaneous response of the Internet," said George)-- need to take the re-vamped Oracle Enterprise Manager and other 10g features seriously as time-saving tools. In fact, George went against popular (and increasingly quaint) belief to exclaim that OEM is now in fact a valuable tool for experienced, not just junior, DBAs.

Most of the presentation was devoted to an overview of new Oracle 10g manageability features such as Automatic Workload Repository, the various Advisors, Automatic Storage Management, and so on (you can get a more detailed overview from Arup Nanda's "Oracle Database 10g: Top 20 Features for DBAs" on OTN at http://www.oracle.com/technology/pub/articles/10gdba), but George also offered some other unique nuggets of information, such as the favorite training topics among DBAs in his program. (Surprise; database administration is not at the top of the list; whereas 64-bit architectures/Linux, application servers, multitier architecture, and RAC/Grid are.)

The session closed with a panel comprising George, Mike Ault, and Gaja Vaidyanatha, with many questions pertaining to (surprise!) licensing. The panelists did list their favorite 10g features however:

Mike -- SQL Access Advisor, SQL Tuning Advisor, Data Pump, External Table Unload

Gaja -- Advisors, ADDM & other performance optimization features, Active Session History

George -- Flashback technology, OEM, and all other features that obsolete the tasks that �nickel-and-dime� DBA productivity

More on Monday�..I�ll have some very exciting news for developers.

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