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Updates to Python, PHP and C Drivers for Oracle Database

Laura Ramsey
Manager, Oracle Database Developer Communities

Oracle has released a raft of updates to popular drivers for Oracle Database application development. Updates to cx_Oracle driver for Python developers and the OCI8 connector for PHP were successfully pushed to their respective package managers, plus a major new release of ODPI-C, the official C/C++ wrapper around Oracle Database Instant Client, which enables developers to write drivers in any language, also have their source code on GitHub.

Python cx_Oracle 6.0

The Python cx_Oracle final release 6.0 is now in production and available on PyPI. Combining the power of Python with extensive support for Oracle features, cx_Oracle is the most popular scripting API for Oracle Database applications; cx_Oracle 6.0 is the latest and greatest release of the Python interface for Oracle Database. 

Three favorite features of this release are:

  • Re-implementation to use our new ODPI-C abstraction layer for Oracle Database. The cx_Oracle API is unchanged.
  • Python Wheels are now available for install.
  • Less code in Python's Global Interpreter Lock, giving better scalability.

Check out more new cx_Oracle 6.0 features in the release announcement.

PHP OCI8  2.1.7

The latest version 2.1.7 for Oracle Database is now on PECL.

This version of OCI8 will also be bundled in PHP 7.0.23 and PHP 7.1.9 (and is already in PHP 7.2.0beta2).  Older PHP 7 installations can be brought up to date using the PECL bundle. The highlight of this release is Transparent Application Failover (TAF) callback support, giving applications better control in High Availability database deployments.

Check out the PHP OCI8  2.1.7 release announcement for more information.

ODPI-C 2.0.0

ODPI-C is an open source library of C code that simplifies access to Oracle Database for applications written in C or C++ and enables library developers to write drivers on any other language. See the production release of Oracle Database Programming Interface for C (ODPI-C) 2.0.0 on GitHub. 

This project is getting interesting traction among library developers: there's now a Go driver for Oracle Database, one written in Rust, and there is also a Ruby interface too. These code bases are handy examples of how to use ODPI-C.

Check out all the ODPI-C 2.0 features in the release announcement. And keep in mind: ODPI-C is being used for the Python cx_Oracle 6 interface, and in node-oracledb 2 for Node.js.

Want to know more?

Stay up to date on Oracle Database development technologies for  Python/PHP/OCI/node.js by following the Scripting and Oracle Blog.

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