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Top Ten 60 Second Developer Stories

Javed Mohammed
Community Manager

Don't you love a great story?

About three years ago, I started a new format of video called "60 Second Developer Stories", #60SecDevStory. The goal behind it was simple, people love stories, and at Developer related events like Oracle Code One, Open World, Oracle Code, and other non-Oracle related developer events it is a great way to engage conference attendees. 

I have tried different types of setups, from the Video Hangout booth, a more sophisticated setup at CodeOne to a very basic  iPhone/Monopod.  With the former, I have a setup with a great DSLR camera,  and green screen setup where I can livestream using a Pearl (via Periscope/Twitter). Alternatively when I have to travel light I use the iPhone setup where I can record and post later on Youtube.

60 Second Developer Story green screen setup featuring Gerald Venzl at CodeOne

Unlike the Groundbreaker Live interviews that are usually arranged before hand, the 60 Second Developer Stories are usually solicited at the event. Some people feel too shy to be in front of a camera, and that's ok.  I thought it would be great to go back and look at the 60 second stories and pick my top ten favorites. What are the criteria for selection? There are no hard and fast rules, anyone who is able to get and keep attention, their energy, and of course a compelling story. After finishing the list, I wish I had made it the top 20, as there are so many great stories that you have shared. However, to keep it short this is the top 10 as of August 27, 2020.  Here they are in no particular order.

  1. 60 Second Groundbreaker Story Julia Minkowski: Julia shares her experience as co-founder of Russian Speaking Women in Tech at the Oracle Girl Geek Dinner.

  2. 60 Second Groundbreaker Story Connor McDonald: Connor shares a horror story about a Database upgrade went badly wrong and how he fixed it.

  3. 60 Second Groundbreaker Story Rebecca Arora: How to make a bite sized change

  4. 60 Sec Dev Story with Bob Quillin: A serial entrepreneur's startup strategy 

  5. 60 Sec Dev Story with Bruno Souza: Share your knowledge grow your career 

  6. 60 Sec Dev Story Jerry Chai: How I started coding

  7. 60 Sec Dev Story Scott Worsham: Working on old legacy code

  8. 60 Sec Dev Story Tom Kohls: How amazing is the Java Community

  9. 60 Sec Dev Story Nehal Gajjar: Why I am developing a mental wellness application

  10. 60 Sec Dev Story DeMarco "Marciano" Flowers: Best decision I ever made

For more details about developer stories please refer to this previous post, Why Your Developer Story is Important

If you would like to share a 60 Second Developer story, feel free to reach out to me at javed.mo.mohammed@oracle.com.

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