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Top 10 Tech Videos for April 2015

Bob Rhubart
Community Manager, Oracle Groundbreakers Team

If you're going to plant your face in front of a screen to watch YouTube -- and you know you are -- why not devote at least part of that time to content that might actually make you better at what you do? This list of the Top 10 most popular videos from the OTN ArchBeat YouTube Channel for April 2015 would be a great place to start.

  1. Best Practices in Oracle ADF Development | Frank Nimphius [Jan 8, 2014]

    Frank Nimphius summarizes best practices for ADFbc, Task Flow, ADF Binding, and ADF Faces. He also makes recommendations for when and how to use JavaScript in ADF and what you should do to break out of your "am I the only one" isolation.
  2. Oracle ADF for Oracle Forms and PL/SQL Developers | Grant Ronald [Jan 8, 2014]

    Grant Ronald discuses the techniques that make developers more productive when building enterprise applications and how Oracle ADF implements special features that make Java-based development fast and simple with a visual and declarative development experience.
  3. Hot Features in Oracle APEX 5.0 [May 14, 2014]

    Joel Kallman (Director, Software Development, Oracle) shares key points from his Great Lakes Oracle Conference 2014 session on new features in Oracle APEX 5.0. (Kscope 2015 Presenter)
  4. 2MTT: Using the Declarative Features in Oracle APEX | Joel Kallman [Mar 5, 2015]

    Joel Kallman, Director of Software Development for Oracle and the man to see if you have questions about working with Oracle Application Express, goes into overtime with his tip about using APEX's declarative features. (Kscope 2015 Presenter)
  5. Debugging and Logging for Oracle ADF Applications | Chris Muir [Jan 8, 2014]

    Regardless how much work Oracle ADF does for us, the inescapable truth is that as developers we will still make mistakes and introduce bugs into our ADF applications. In this video Oracle ADF Product Manager Chris Muir explores JDeveloper's sophisticated debugging tools.
  6. 2MTT: The Importance of Database Design | Heli Helskyaho [Apr 8, 2015]

    Oracle ACE Director Heli Helskyaho is the CEO of Miracle Finland and the author of Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeler for Database Design Mastery (2015, Oracle Press). Will those impressive credentials help her beat the 2 Minute Tech Tip clock? Watch and see. (Kscope 2015 Presenter)
  7. 2MTT: Keep Your APEX Apps More Manageable | Scott Spendolini [Mar 3, 2015]

    Oracle ACE Director Scott Spendolini , Oracle APEX Practice Director for the Accenture Enkitec Group, packs his 2 Minute Tech Tip with great advice for keeping your Oracle Application Express applications more manageable. (Kscope 2015 Presenter)
  8. 2MTT: Trace Your Code - All of It | Cary Millsap [Apr 2, 2015]

    Oracle ACE Director Cary Millsap , founder and CEO of Method R Corporation and a software performance specialist with Enkitect, wastes no time in delivering his concise tip based on his three-step development process. (Kscope 2015 Presenter)
  9. Oracle ADF Development in Eclipse | Shaun O'Brien [Jan 8, 2014]

    Shaun O'Brien shows how you can develop better applications faster with Oracle ADF integrating JPA, EJBs, Web services, POJOs, JSF and OEPE's support for ADF Faces, Task Flows, Data Controls and Bindings - all with deep AppXRay analysis for code insight, refactoring, validation, and dependency visualization across the layers of an ADF application.
  10. 2MTT: Effective Client Failover in an Oracle RAC Environment | Sean Kim [Mar 23, 2015]

    Oracle University senior principal instructor Sean Kim brings the classroom to you with his tip on effective client failover in Oracle Real Application Cluster environments.

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