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Expertise in Your Ear: Top 10 Groundbreakers Podcasts for 2018

Bob Rhubart
Community Manager, Oracle Groundbreakers Team

On March 27, 2009 the Arch2Arch Podcast released its first program. Over nearly ten years, more than 360 programs, and several name changes, what is now known as the Oracle Groundbreakers Podcast enters 2019 as the most downloaded Oracle podcast, a status it has maintained since early 2015. The credit for that accomplishment is shared by an incredible roster of panelists who have taken the time to lend their voices and share their insight and expertise, and by a faithful and growing audience that keeps listening year after year.

The list below reflects the top ten most-downloaded Groundbreakers Podcast programs for the past year. Big thanks and congratulations to the panelists for putting these programs on top! (Note that several people appeared in multiple programs.)

Also note that IT careers, like IT itself, are constantly evolving. The titles and jobs listed for the panelists are those they held at the time the particular podcast was recorded.

1 Chatbots: First Steps and Lessons Learned - Part 1

Released 09/19/2017

Chabot development comes with a unique set of requirements and considerations that may prove challenging to those making their first excursion into this new breed of services. This podcast features a panel of developers who have been there, done that, and are willing to talk about it.

2 Blockchain: Beyond Bitcoin

Released December 20, 2017

Blockchain has emerged from under crypto-currency’s shadow to become a powerful trend in enterprise IT -- and something that should be on every developer's radar. This program assembles a panel of Blockchain experts to discuss the technology's impact, examine use cases, and offer suggestions for developers who want to learn more in order to take advantage of the opportunities blockchain represents.

  • Lonneke Dikmans (Oracle ACE Director, Groundbreaker Ambassador, Head of Center of Excellence, eProseed)
  • John King (Senior Principal Enablement Specialist, Oracle)
  • Robert van Mölken (Oracle ACE, Groundbreaker Ambassador, Senior Integration / Cloud Specialist, AMIS)
  • Arturo Viveros (Oracle ACE, Grounbreaker Ambassador, Principal Architect, Sysco AS)
3 DevOps in the Real World: Culture, Tools, Adoption

Released February 21, 2018

Is the heat behind DevOps driving adoption? Are organizations on the adoption path making headway in the cultural and technological changes necessary for DevOps success? A panel of DevOps experts discusses these and other issues in this wide-ranging conversation.

4 Jfokus Panel: Building a New World Out of Bits

Released January 17, 2018

In this freewheeling conversation a panel of JFokus 2018 speakers discusses the trends and technologies that have captured their interest, the work that consumes most of their time, and the issues that concern them as IT professionals.

  • Jesse Anderson (Data Engineer, Creative Engineer, Managing Director, Big Data Institute)
  • Benjamin Cabé (IoT Program Manager, Evangelist, Eclipse Foundation)
  • Kevlin Henney (Consultant, programmer, speaker, trainer, writer, owner, Curbralan)
  • Siren Hofvander (Chief Security Officer, Min Doktor
  • Dan Bergh Johnsson (Agile aficionado, Domain Driven Design enthusiast, code quality craftsman, Omegapoint)
5 On Microservice Implementation and Design

Released October 17, 2018

Microservices are a hot topic. But that's exactly the wrong reason to dive into designing and implementing microservices. Before you do that, check out what this panel of experts has to say about what makes microservices a wise choice.

  • Sven Bernhardt (Oracle ACE; Solution Architect, OPITZ Consulting)
  • Lucas Jellema (Oracle ACE Director; Groundbreaker Ambassador; CTO, Consulting IT Architect, AMIS Services
  • Chris Richardson (Java Champion, Founder, Eventuate, Inc.)
  • Luis Weir (Oracle ACE Director; Groundbreaker Ambassador; CTO, Oracle Practice, Capgemini)
6 Women in Technology: Motivation and Momentum

Released February 6, 2018

Community leaders share insight on what motivated them in their IT careers and how they lend their expertise and energy in driving momentum in the effort to draw more women into technology.

  • Natalie Delemar (Senior Consultant, Ernst and Young; President, ODTUG Board of Directors)
  • Heli Helskyaho (Oracle ACE Director; CEO, Miracle Finland; Ambassador, EMEA Oracle Usergroups Community)
  • Michelle Malcher (Oracle ACE Director; Security Architect, Extreme Scale Solutions)
  • Kellyn Pot'Vin-Gorman (Technical Intelligence Manager, Office of CTO, Delphix; President, Board Of Directors, Denver SQL Server User Group)
  • Laura Ramsey (Manager, Database Technology and Developer Communities, Oracle)
7 What's Hot? Tech Trends That Made a Real Difference in 2017

Released November 15, 2017

Forget the hype! Which technologies made a genuine difference in the work of software developers in 2017? We gathered five highly respected developers in a tiny hotel room in San Francisco, tossed in a couple of microphones, and let the conversation happen.

  • Lonneke Dikmans (Oracle ACE Director, Groundbreaker Ambassador, Chief Product Officer, eProseed)
  • Lucas Jellema (Oracle ACE Director, Groundbreaker Ambassador, Chief Technical Officer, AMIS Services)
  • Frank Munz (Oracle ACE Director, Software Architect, Cloud Evangelist, Munz & More)
  • Pratik Patel (Java Champion, Chief Technical Officer, Triplingo, President, Atlanta Java Users Group)
  • Chris Richardson (Java Champion, Founder, Chief Executive Officer, Eventuate Inc.)
8 Developer Evolution: What's Rockin’ Roles in IT?

Released August 15, 2018

Powerful forces are driving change in long-established IT roles. This podcast examines the trends and technologies behind this evolution, and looks at roles that may emerge in the future.

  • Rolando Carrasco (Oracle ACE, Groundbreaker Ambassador, Co-owner, Principal SOA Architect, S&P Solutions)
  • Martin Giffy D'Souza (Oracle ACE Director, Director of Innovation, Insum Solutions)
  • Mark Rittman (Oracle ACE Director, Chief Executive Officer, MJR Analytics)
  • Phil Wilkins (Oracle ACE, Senior Consultant, Capgemini)
9 Chatbots: First Steps and Lessons Learned - Part 2

Released October 18, 2017

This podcast continues the discussion of chatbot development with an entirely new panel of developers who also had the opportunity to work with that same Oracle Intelligent Bots beta release.

  • Mia Urman (Oracle ACE Director; Chief Executive Officer, AuraPlayer Limited)
  • Peter Crew (Director, SDS Group; Chief Technical Officer, MagiaCX Solutions)
  • Christoph Ruepprich (Oracle ACE; Infrastructure Senior Principal, Accenture Enkitec Group)
10 Beyond Chatbots: An AI Odyssey

Released April 18, 2018

This program looks beyond chatbots to explore artificial intelligence -- its current capabilities, staggering potential, and the challenges along the way.


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