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Time to stop aligning IT with the business?

Bob Rhubart
Community Manager, Oracle Groundbreakers Team

Bob Evans, writing on InformationWeek's CIO Uncensored Blog, offers this advice to CIOs:

Recently uncovered fossil records indicate that the tattered cliché of "CIOs must align IT with the business" was first uttered shortly after the discovery of fire. And while that bromide made sense for a few thousand years, it no longer applies here in the early 21st century because today's mandate for CIOs must be to align IT with their *customers*, not with their business. Because one points to the future, while the other merely reflects the recent past.

The post is so well written, so entertaining, and so dead-on that it's difficult to slice out individual quotes. But here's another brilliant nugget:

[T]he best companies today are shredding and burying forever that corrosive Paleolithic view of IT as internally focused bit-twiddlers who think customers are the internal department heads on the 6-year-old list of managers who get paper copies of monthly server-uptime logs.

Really, why are you wasting time here when you should be reading Evans' entire post?  Shoot The Mantra: STOP 'Aligning IT With The Business' - CIOs Uncensored Blog - InformationWeek


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