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  • April 12, 2018

Three Quick Tips API Platform CS - Gateway Installation (Part 3)

The part 2 of the series can be accessed here. Today, we keep it short and simple, here are three troubleshooting tips for Oracle API CS Gateway Installation:

  • If while running the "install" action, you see an output as something like:

           -bash-4.2$ ./APIGateway -f gateway-props.json -a install-configure-start-join
Please enter user name for weblogic domain,representing the gateway node:
2018-03-22 17:33:20,342 INFO action: install-configure-start-join
2018-03-22 17:33:20,342 INFO Initiating validation checks for action: install.
2018-03-22 17:33:20,343 WARNING Previous gateway installation found at directory = /u01/oemm
2018-03-22 17:33:20,343 INFO Current cleanup action is CLEAN
2018-03-22 17:33:20,343 INFO Validation complete
2018-03-22 17:33:20,343 INFO Action install is starting
2018-03-22 17:33:20,343 INFO start action: install
2018-03-22 17:33:20,343 INFO Clean started.
2018-03-22 17:33:20,345 INFO Logging to file /u01/oemm/logs/main.log
2018-03-22 17:33:20,345 INFO Outcomes of operations will be accumulated in /u01/oemm/logs/status.log
2018-03-22 17:33:20,345 INFO Clean finished.
2018-03-22 17:33:20,345 INFO Installing Gateway
2018-03-22 17:33:20,718 INFO complete action: install isSuccess: failed detail: {}
2018-03-22 17:33:20,718 ERROR Action install has failed. Detail: {}
2018-03-22 17:33:20,718 WARNING Full-Setup execution incomplete. Please check log file for more details
2018-03-22 17:33:20,719 INFO Execution complete.

  The issue could be "/tmp" directory permissions. Please check that the tmp directory which is used by default by the OUI installer is not setup with "noexec","nosuid" or "nodev". Please check for other permission issues as well, Another possible area to investigate is the size allocated to "/tmp"  file system (should be greater than equal to 10 GB).

  • If sometime during running any of the installer actions, you get an "Invalid JSON object: .... " error, then, please check if the gateway-master.props file is not empty.  This can happen if for example you execute "ctrl+z" to exit an installer action. The best approach is to backup the gateway-master.json file and replace it, in case the above error happens. In worst case copy the gateway-master .
  •  If the "start" action is unable to start the managed server but the admin server starts Ok, then try changing the "publishAddress" property's value  to "listenIpAddress" property's value and try install,configure and start again. In other words "publishAddress"  = "listenIpAddress".

That is all for now, we will back soon with more.




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