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  • February 13, 2018

Three Quick Tips API Platform CS - Gateway Installation (Part 1)

This blog post assumes some prior knowledge of API Platform Cloud Service and pertains to the on premise gateway installation steps. Here we try to list down 3 useful tips (applicable for 18.1.3+), arranged in no particular order:. 

  • Before installing the gateway, make sure you have the correct values for "listenIpAddress" and "publishAddress".  This can be done by the following checklist (Linux only):
    • Does the command "hostname -f" return a valid value ?
    • Does the command "ifconfig" list downs the ip addresses properly ?
    • Do you have additional firewall/network policies that may prevent communication with management tier?
    • Do you authoritatively know the internal and public ip/addresses to be used for the gateway node?

            If you do not know the answers to any of the questions, please contact your network administrator.

           If you see issues with gateway server not starting up properly, incorrect values of  "listenIpAddress" and "publishAddress" could be the possible cause. 

  • Before running the "creategateway" action (or any other action involving the "creategateway" like "create-join" for example), do make sure that the management tier is accessible. You can use something like:
    • wget "<http/https>:<managmentportal_host>:<management_portal_port>/apiplatform"  
    • curl "<http/https>:<managmentportal_host>:<management_portal_port>/apiplatform"

           If the above steps fail, then "creategateway" will also not work, so the questions to ask are:

  1. Do we need a proxy?
  2. If we have already specified a proxy , is it the correct proxy ?
  3. In case we need a proxy , have we set the "managementServiceConnectionProxy" property in gateway-props.json.

Moreover, it is better if we set the http_proxy/https_proxy to the correct proxy, if proxies are applicable.

  • Know your log location, please refer to the following list:
    • Logs for troubleshooting "install" or  "configure" actions , we have to refer to <install_dir>/logs directory.
    • Logs for troubleshooting "start" or "stop" actions, we have to refer to <install_dir>/domain/<gateway_name>/(start*.out|(stop*.out)).
    • Logs for troubleshooting "create-join"/"join" actions, we have to refer to <install_dir>/logs directory.
    • To troubleshoot issues post installation (i.e. after the physical node has joined the gateway), we can refer to <install_dir>/domain/<gateway_name>/apics/logs directory. 

We will try to post more tips in the coming weeks, so stay tuned and happy API Management.            

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