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The Best Ideas Thus Far

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So the aforementioned "Participate" homepage went live this morning, and we have received nearly 400 ideas thus far - some good, some bad. Here are some of may favorites:

Offer free Oracle Enterprise licenses to ISPs. Currently, MySQL & SQL Server dominate this market. Why? You can barely find any ISP that offers Oracle at all.

Create Oracle virtual labs that allow us to remotely test and learn oracle products without downloading stuff

It would be nice to be able to talk to the Oracle database for queries and other database operations and have the database respond with both voice and screen display data.

Build an extension for ASM to be an iscsi head for a storage device. Allowing for a flexible / dynamic removal of disk devices for a file-server or any OS operation.

Can Oracle corp support Oracle database running on Mono (see http://www.mono-project.com/ ) an open source implementation of Microsoft .Net Framework on Linux.

This is just the beginning of a very long story. Keep those ideas coming! (And no, "Fix the download server" is not an idea. You don't get credit for telling us something we already know. :) )

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