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  • May 4, 2021

SQLcl now under the Oracle Free Use Terms and Conditions license

Gerald Venzl
Distinguished Product Manager
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SQLcl: The modern command line

SQLcl is the modern command-line interface for the Oracle Database. It has been adding new features every release including recent additions such as comprehensive liquibase support for the Oracle Database and OCI Cloud Storage. The easiest way to see most of the additions are seen by issuing the help command which highlights the new features over the basics. The additions not seen are things like command completion, multi-line buffer editing, and robust history. The most powerful feature is the script command which enables the usage of javascript / Graal mixed in with SQL scripts. It also allows for the creation of commands to make the tool truly customizable.

 Access to SQLcl

SQLcl is distributed via the product page on oracle.com and bundled with SQL Developer, Oracle Database, OCI Cloud Shell, OCI Linux Yum Repository, and the OCI Developer Image in the marketplace.

These channels are all subjected to either the Click-Thru license agreement or the overall OCI Cloud license in the case of cloud shell and OCI Yum.

SQLcl in Cloud Shell

SQLcl is out of the box installed in cloud shell and ready to use.

SQLcl in OCI Linux Yum

Any compute node in Oracle Cloud can issue a simple yum install sqlcl to have the tool installed. This also applies to Oracle REST Data Services with yum install ords. The releases in this repository are updated as releases are loaded to Oracle.com


SQLcl: Easiest Access

SQLcl has just changed its licensing to the Oracle Free Use Terms and Conditions.

That means the tool can now be downloaded without a manual click to agree. This change will also make automated downloads possible.

The location on oracle.com will be unchanged to discover the links on the download page. The release that has gone live today is https://download.oracle.com/otn_software/java/sqldeveloper/sqlcl-

There is also a sqlcl-latest.zip which will always be the most current release. This will assist in making it as easy as possible to download the latest released version of the tool in an automated way. The path to that zip file is: https://download.oracle.com/otn_software/java/sqldeveloper/sqlcl-latest.zip

From now on, you can download SQLcl via a simple cURL command:

curl -O https://download.oracle.com/otn_software/java/sqldeveloper/sqlcl-latest.zip

or even download, extract and install it, ready to connect to your Oracle Databases.

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