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7 Changes Coming for Software Developers in 2017

Chris Murphy
Director of Cloud Content

Is your development organization built for speed? Yes, of course, well done. Now let’s get specific—are your teams ready to double the number of applications releases they do in a typical year?

The typical business will need that pace of increased technology innovation to survive, argues Siddhartha Agarwal, Oracle vice president of product management and strategy. The prediction is one of seven that Agarwal makes in his post on Developer.com, Seven Changes 2017 Will Bring for Software Developers. Cloud platforms and infrastructure not only let a disruptive rival launch an app quicker, they let a rival hit high scale fast if customers love that app. Therefore, says Agarwal, in the post:

That pace of innovation has put line-of-business leaders on high alert, knowing that they need to put new apps or features in front of their customers early and often. A release might only be a trial for a controlled user community, but even then it's in front of real customers getting real feedback. It's a new spirit of experimentation that line-of-business leaders are embracing in a world where software—and great developers—provide a source of competitive advantage.

In many ways, Agarwal says, this change is more about line-of-business leaders getting comfortable with an agile process—put capabilities in front of customers, get feedback, and then refine it. However, developers must also do a gut check on their delivery speed: 

For developers, this iterative development isn't a new idea—they've been thinking for years about DevOps and a continuous integration/continuous delivery pipeline, a container-based infrastructure for quick deployment and testing, and all the other pieces needed for an agile environment. They just need to make sure that those ideas are in place to deliver more apps, faster than ever, because in 2017 those ideas become mainstream for business.

Check out the Developer.com post for all seven of Agarwal’s predictions, which are:

  1. A new market will emerge to provide the data to feed artificial intelligence apps.
  2. Chatbot apps with natural language processing will become the norm by 2018.
  3. Containers will become more popular than VMs, led by DevTest environments.
  4. The number of application releases will double in the typical business.
  5. The shift of DevTest environments to the cloud will accelerate, on pace for all new apps getting built in the cloud by 2020.
  6. By 2020, the growth rate of citizen developers will exceed that of traditional, Java/.Net developers.
  7. By 2020, 60% of IT organizations will move systems management to the cloud.

Chris Murphy is Oracle director of cloud content.

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