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SOA Governance Gabfest

Bob Rhubart
Community Manager, Oracle Groundbreakers Team

Several recent OTN Arch2Arch Podcasts featured discussions of various SOA governance issues.  These programs have connections beyond the common theme, so it made sense to bundle them together here.

Mike van Alst and Dave Berry

The most recent of these programs features a discussion with Mike van Alst and Dave Berry (see their bios, below). Not long ago Mike and Dave started swapping blog posts on SOA governance. Those posts became the genesis of an article that is slated to appear in an upcoming issue of SOA Magazine. In this two-part program they talk about how their individual perspectives on SOA governance (there are some differences of opinion) lead to their collaboration. This interview also references remarks made by SOA author/blogger Todd Biske in an earlier program (details below).

Dave Berry is Senior Manager on the Oracle Fusion Middleware SOA Integration product team, where he focuses on SOA governance. Dave is an IT veteran whose experience includes mainframes, integration, and SOA technologies in financial services, government, and vendor environments. Dave is based at Oracle headquarters in Redwood Shores, California.  He blogs at SOA Governance @ Work

Mike van Alst is Principal Consultant at IT-eye, based in the Netherlands. Mike is very active in the design and implementation of SOA architectures, mainly using Oracle BPEL Process Manager and Oracle SOA Suite. Mike is also a very active SOA evangelist within the Dutch Oracle Community. Mike is also an Oracle ACE Director. He blogs at Mastering SOA.

Sharon Fay, Cathy Lippert, and Todd Biske

Earlier this past spring I interviewed Cathy Lippert, Sharon Fay, and Todd Biske (see their bios, below) in another SOA governance-focused program.  In yet another connection between these two sets of interviews, Cathy, Sharon, and Dave Berry are colleagues on Oracle’s SOA governance team. The conversation between Cathy, Sharon, and Todd during this three-part program covers a lot of territory, and, like the conversation between Mike van Alst and Dave Berry, reveals many areas of agreement as well as few divergent opinions.  It’s all good.

Cathy Lippert, Director of Product Management for SOA Governance at Oracle. Cathy is one of the visionaries behind the Flashline and BEA solutions that have evolved into what is now known as Oracle Enterprise Repository. Cathy is also a contributor to the SOA Governance @ Work blog.

Sharon Fay, Product Manager for Oracle Enterprise Repository. Sharon has developed and implemented best practices for improving productivity through SOA Governance and has written extensively on the subject. Sharon also made the transition from Flashline to BEA to Oracle.

Todd Biske,  Senior Enterprise Architect with Monsanto. Todd is the author of the book SOA Governance from Packt Publishing, and also writes on SOA and other strategic IT topics on his popular  Outside the Box blog.


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