Break New Ground

Simplifying Troubleshooting Process for Oracle Service Cloud Admins and Agents (BUI Version)

Edson Ferreira Da Silva Junior
Senior Product Development Manager

What is Troubleshoot Extension?

If you are an Oracle Service Cloud administrator, you are likely the first person in your company your agents will go to when they are experiencing some error with their Oracle Service Cloud. Troubleshooting errors can quickly spawn into a bigger investigative effort to identify the root cause (e.g., network issue, configuration issue, training, defect), but the troubleshooting process usually starts with getting the right details about the error from your agents. Your agents are already frustrated because an error could be impeding their work and impacting their metrics. And now you’re asking them to provide detailed information on the error: steps to reproduce this issue, workstation information or data traffic, much of which they aren’t familiar with.

Recognizing the dynamics of this common scenario, we decided to walk a mile in both your shoes, as the administrator, and your agents’ shoes. As a result of this experience, we came up with the idea of automating the process for gathering the needed information from agents instead of requiring the administrators and agents to try and overcome the current