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  • May 15, 2015

Securing the Big Data Lifecycle

Laura Ramsey
Manager, Oracle Database Developer Communities

Let's talk about Securing the Big Data Lifecycle. 

We all have seen demos or attended tutorials with extraordinary examples of integrating, analyzing and making business decisions based on Big Data. And I always wonder...who's data is that anyway? Consider the nature and character of Big Data for a moment. What we have here is ubiquitous and indiscriminate data collection from a wide range of devices. Add to that unexpected uses of collected data, especially without customer consent. And that could possibly lead to unintended data breach risks with larger consequences.

It will be a great challenge.

You need a plan.

MIT Technology Review just released this whitepaper addressing these issues.

Give it a read to set your mind at ease about how to secure your data, no matter how big.




Ciao for Now!




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