Ubuntu 22.04 now available on OCI

May 27, 2022 | 2 minute read
Erin Dawson
DevRel Communications Manager
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If you’ve been noticing a pattern when it comes to Oracle and our open source offerings, you’re not seeing things.

We’re excited to announce Ubuntu 22.04, now available on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. Having provided Oracle Linux as an OS for OCI, and the AlmaLinux OS launch last month, Ubuntu 22.04 is our first major release in two years.

Ubuntu 22.04 provides significant leaps forward in cloud confidential computing, real-time kernel for industrial applications, and enterprise requirements like Active Directory, PCI-DSS, HIPA, FIPS, and FedRAMP compliance. Confidential Computing greatly improves data protection and privacy, aligning with Oracle’s industry-leading cloud security tenets. Plus, full support for Arm processors enables seamless use with OCI A1 instance shapes.

"With Ubuntu 22.04 LTS on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, developers get a highly optimized operating system and kernel with excellent boot speed, security, and stability,” said Bo English-Wiczling, Senior Director of Developer Relations at Oracle. “This includes the latest Arm servers, Ampere A1, where we provide high-performing and cost-effective solutions for all types of workloads.”

On top off all those features, you can also expect:

  • Full support for Raspberry Pi 4—provides developers all over the world access to the most affordable development desktop environment which you can then integrate with their cloud provider of choice.
  • Native support for NVIDIA GPUs—enables data scientists to natively install NVIDA vGPU software v14.0 and benefit from highly performant GPU resources across multiple virtual machines at the same time.
  • Real-time kernel—this beta feature is designed to meet telco network transformation needs for 5G, delivering performance guaranteed ultra-low latency, and security for critical infrastructure.

With Ubuntu 22.04, you’re getting a state of the art OS, and by working closely with Canonical, you can be sure that Ubuntu will work across all its hardware.

To learn more about using Ubuntu 22.04, check out our open source resouces.

Enjoy Ubuntu 22.04!

Erin Dawson

DevRel Communications Manager

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