Top 10 Oracle Groundbreaker Podcasts for 2019

January 8, 2020 | 5 minute read
Bob Rhubart
Community Manager, Oracle Groundbreakers Team
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The Oracle Groundbreakers podcast has been around in one form or another since March of 2009. The primary focus is on panel discussions featuring people who represent the broad Oracle developer community, including many members of the Oracle ACE Program, Groundbreaker Ambassadors, and Java Champions, as well as a wide array Oracle product managers and other internal experts.

Eventually the podcast became the most downloaded Oracle podcast, and it remains in that position today, thanks to you, the loyal listeners.

Listed below you'll find the most-downloaded programs for 2019. Eight of those programs were published in 2019, one in 2018, and one in 2017. Worth noting as well is the participation of Oracle ACE Director/Groundbreaker Ambassador Lucas Jellema in three of these programs, and Leon Smiers, who participated in two of the programs. Many of the panelists listed below are frequent flyers on the podcast -- and a great many other community members have lent their insight and expertise to the conversation over the years. A big thank you to all who have participated.

Now, check out the Top 10 for 2019.


Podcast #1#366: Do Bloody Anything: The Changing Role of the DBA
Published: 05/15/2019

Maria Colgan, Master Product Manager, Oracle Database
Julian Dontcheff, Managing Director/Master Technology Architect, Accenture
Tim Hall, DBA, Developer, Author, and Trainer
Lucas Jellema, CTO/Consulting IT Architect, AMIS
Brendan Tierney, Principal Consultant, Oralytics
Gerald Venzl, Master Product Manager, Oracle Cloud, Database, and Server Technologies
Podcast #2#363: JET-Propelled JavaScript
Published: 02/20/2019

Joao Tiago Abreu, Software Engineer and Oracle JET Specialist, Crossjoin Solutions
Andrejus Baranovskis, CEO\Oracle Expert, Red Samurai Consulting
Luc Bors, Partner/Technical Director, eProseed
John Brock, Senior Manager, Product Management, Development Tools, Oracle
Daniel Curtis, Oracle Front End Developer, Griffiths Waite
Podcast #3#362: Database Golden Rules: When (and Why) to Break Them
Published: 01/16/2019

Heli Helskyaho, CEO, Miracle Finland Oy
Lucas Jellema, CTO/Consulting IT Architect, AMIS Services
Guido Schmutz, Principal Consultant\Technology Manager, Trivadis
Podcast #4#364: Polyglot Programming and GraalVM
Published: 03/20/2019

Roberto Cortez, Founder/Organizer, JNation
Dr. Chris Seaton, PhD, Research Manager, Virtual Machine Group, Oracle Labs
Oleg Selajev, Lead Developer Advocate, GraalVM, Oracle Labs
Podcast #5#367: Then and Now: An Integration Conversation
Published: 06/19/2019

Sven Bernhardt, Senior Solution Architect, OPITZ Consulting
Rolando Carrasco, CTO/Service Orientation and API Management Architect, Services & Processes Solutions
Lonneke Dikmans, Head of Center of Excellence, eProseed
Lucas Jellema, CTO/Consulting IT Architect, AMIS
Leon Smiers, Center of Excellence Lead - Oracle PaaS, Capgemini
Arturo Viveros, Principal Architect, SYSCO AS
Podcast #6#365: On the Highway to Helidon: Lightweight Java Microservices Framework
Published: 04/17/2019

Dmitry Kornilov, Senior Software Development Manager, Oracle; Project Lead, Project Helidon
Tomas Langer, Consulting Member of Technical Staff, Oracle; Member of the Project Helidon Team
José Rodrigues, Principal Consultant and Business Analyst, Link Consulting
Phil Wilkins, Senior Consultant, Capgemini
Podcast #7#344 Chatbots: First Steps and Lessons Learned - Part 1
Published: 09/19/2017

Matt Hornung, Software Consultant, Fishbowl Solutions
Leon Smiers, Solution Architect, Capgemini
Martin Deh, Consulting Member, Technical Staff, Oracle
Podcast #8#369: Software to Save the World
Published: 08/21/2019

Steven Feuerstein, Team Lead, Oracle Developer Advocates, Oracle
Vincent Morneau, Front-End Lead, Insum
Michelle Skamene, Owner/Senior IT Consultant, Laureston Solutions
Neviana Zhgaba, Senior Technical Product Manager - Finance EPM, General Electric
Podcast #9#361: REST or GraphQL? An Objective Comparison
Published: 12/19/2018

Luis Weir, CTO, Oracle Practice, Capgemini
Chris Kincanon, Engineering Manager/Technical Product Owner, Spreemo
Dolf Dijkstra, Consulting Solutions Architect, Oracle
James Neate, Oracle PaaS Consultant, Capgemini
Podcast #10#368: Meet the 2019 Oracle Groundbreaker Award Winners
Published: 07/17/2019

Carla De Bona, Co-Founder/Program Manager, {reprograma}
Nebrass Lamouchi, Senior Software Engineer, Microsoft
Venkat Subramaniam, Founder, Agile Developer, Inc.
Raphael Winterhalter, Founder, Byte Buddy


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If you have a topic suggestion for the Oracle Groundbreakers Podcast, or if you are interested in participating as a panelist, please post a comment. I'll get back to you right away.

Bob Rhubart

Community Manager, Oracle Groundbreakers Team

Oracle Groundbreaker Team Community Manager Bob Rhubart is the host/engineer/producer of the Oracle Groundbreaker Podcast, producer of the 2 Minute Tech Tip video series, hosts Groundbreaker Live interviews with technology experts recorded at Oracle Code, Oracle OpenWorld, and other events, writes a regular column for Oracle Magazine, and manages the ACES in Action blog.

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