Support for Oracle Java SE now Included with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

May 21, 2019 | 2 minute read
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Today we are excited to announce that support for Oracle Java, Oracle’s widely adopted and proven Java Development Kit, is now included with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure subscriptions at no extra cost. This includes the ability to log bugs, to get regular stability, performance, and security updates, and more for Oracle Java 8, 11, and 12. With Oracle Java you can develop portable, high-performance applications for the widest range of computing platforms possible, including all of the major public cloud services. By making Oracle Java available as part of any Oracle Cloud Infrastructure subscription, we are dramatically reducing the time and cost to develop enterprise and consumer applications.

This is an important announcement as Java is the #1 programming language and #1 developer choice for the cloud. It’s used widely for embedded applications, games, web content, and enterprise software. 12 million developers run Java worldwide and its usability is growing as options for cloud deployment of Java increase.

Oracle Java in Oracle Cloud helps developers write more secure applications, with convenient access to updates and a single vendor for support – for cloud and Oracle Java use – same subscription, no additional cost. We also ensure that you will have signed software from Oracle and the latest stability, performance, and security updates addressing critical vulnerabilities. 

All of this is supported on Oracle Linux and on other operating systems you run in your Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Virtual Machine or Bare Metal instance. Microsoft Windows? Of course. Ubuntu? Yep. Red Hat Enterprise Linux?  Sure!

Easy Peasy Cloud Developer Image

How can you get the Oracle Java bits? They are a breeze to install on Oracle Linux using Oracle Cloud Infrastructure yum repositories. But with the Oracle Cloud Developer Image available in the Oracle Cloud Marketplace, it’s even easier to get started. Simply click to launch the image on an Oracle Cloud Infrastructure compute instance. The Oracle Cloud Developer Image is a Swiss army knife for developers that includes Oracle Java and a whole bunch of other valuable tools to accelerate development of your next project. You can have this image installed and ready to go within minutes.

Get started with the Oracle Cloud Developer Image.

Sergio Leunissen and Robert Shimp

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