Podcast #387: Managing Massive Change, Thriving in Chaos

March 1, 2021 | 2 minute read
Jim Grisanzio
Sr. Community Manager
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Simerjeet Singh offers developers a perspective to embrace change. Photo by Jim Grisanzio, Oracle Groundbreakers Team

I met Simerjeet Singh in December 2019 in Hyderabad, India. He was the keynote speaker at Sangam 19, the largest Oracle technology conference in India. The event draws hundreds of Oracle ACEsOracle Groundbreaker Ambassadors, and developers from other communities as they gather twice a year to discuss technology and culture in a changing world. Sangam means a "meeting of the minds," which was surely the experience for the developers and database professionals who attended the conference in December 2019.

The Sangam conference series is the creation of the All India Oracle Users Group (AIOUG), which also manages several other technical events throughout the year including Oracle Groundbreakers India Yatra, which means journey. Photos and videos from the 2019 Yatra are here.

Simerjeet's keynote at Sangam 19 was electric. He captivated the audience, speaking passionately about leadership, his experiences changing careers, and how people can learn to thrive in a VUCA world (volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous). I interviewed him right after his early morning session. And after that, I observed him all day talking to conference attendees in the hallways and at breaks. We finally said goodbye late that evening after dinner. So, he stuck around all day. That’s why he has 1.25 million followers on YouTube. He cares. He gets involved. For more on Sangam 19, here are my interviews and photos from that time.

VUCA certainly describes the world of many developers these days—a world characterized by constant change with every new wave of technology that darts around the corner at an ever-increasing speed. Modern software developers and database administrators know they have to keep up, which is why skill development is openly discussed at all tech conferences. And sometimes those are the most popular sessions!

But it’s not merely about maintaining technical skills. Thriving in this new world—particularly in 2020 and 2021—involves thinking very differently about things and adapting to new situations that are completely out of your control. How do you deal with such circumstances? That’s where Singh’s perspective is particularly valuable.

My second discussion below with Simerjeet took place in September of 2020. It was a follow up virtual conversation to our meeting in India in 2019. He offered additional insights on how he's personally dealing with recent events, how to approach new situations generally, and how to develop a different perspective on whatever challenge comes your way. Also he explores not only how to accept things that are out of your control, but to leverage these situations and turn them around from a negative to a positive. In addition to the audio podcast below, you can watch the video here on YouTube.

For more profiles of innovative people in the Oracle community, visit the Oracle Groundbreakers Podcast. 

Jim Grisanzio

Sr. Community Manager

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