Podcast #379: Chatbots: Talking the Talk

April 17, 2020 | 3 minute read
Bob Rhubart
Community Manager, Oracle Groundbreakers Team
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Chances are very good these days that your online hunt for a new pair of funky-but-chic shoes or your search for an answer to an urgent customer service question will occur with the help of a chatbot or digital assistant. Already enjoying wide adoption, digital assistants are destined to become even more prevalent. As the use of digital assistants expands, so do the opportunities for developers with the necessary skills.

In this episode, you’ll meet three people among the vanguard of those developing digital assistants. Oracle ACE Director Mia Urman, the founder and CEO of AuraPlayer, was deeply involved in the development of Kbot, the chatbot developed to respond to questions from attendees at the 2019 ODTUG KScope event in Seattle. David Callaghan, senior developer at Hermes, a UK-based parcel delivery company, led the development team behind Holly, the AI entity that has revolutionized customer service at Hermes. Grant Ronald, director of product management within the Oracle Digital Assistant development team, had an active role in Holly’s creation.

In this conversation, you’ll learn about what goes into the design and development of a chatbot, the challenges encountered along the way, and the unique characteristics that define a great digital assistant. You’ll also learn how to celebrate a chatbot’s birthday.

This is Oracle Groundbreakers podcast #379. It was recorded on March 12, 2020. Listen! 

The Panel

David CalllaghanDavid Callaghan
Senior Developer, Hermes
Morley, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom

Grant RonaldGrant Ronald
Director of Product Management, Digital Assistants/Conversational AI, Oracle
Reading, United Kingdom

Oracle ACE Director Mia UrmanMia Urman
CEO, AuraPlayer Ltd
Brookline, Massachusetts

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Bob Rhubart

Community Manager, Oracle Groundbreakers Team

Oracle Groundbreaker Team Community Manager Bob Rhubart is the host/engineer/producer of the Oracle Groundbreaker Podcast, producer of the 2 Minute Tech Tip video series, hosts Groundbreaker Live interviews with technology experts recorded at Oracle Code, Oracle OpenWorld, and other events, writes a regular column for Oracle Magazine, and manages the ACES in Action blog.

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