Pi Day at Oracle

February 23, 2022 | 2 minute read
Erin Dawson
DevRel Communications Manager
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If you follow basically any Oracle social account, it won’t be a shocker that we’re celebrating a little something called Pi Day.

And we’re not alone. Tech companies everywhere are celebrating this as-of-yet unrecognized national holiday.

But what makes Oracle’s celebration a little different is how we’re conceptualizing it. Our theme this year is the weird, wild World of Pi. Just a little play on how abnormal the depth of content we have to offer is.

Developers like you will choose which highly technical demos and hands-on labs you’ll want to participate in.

Full cloud devOps, gaming, and AI are just a few of the categories you’ll find at Pi Day. Even if sports isn’t your thing, for example, you’ll likely be interested analyzing NBA data (two and three-point shots) using APIs, database tools, and ultimately data visualization.

Unreal Engine, building mobile-friendly apps in a flash, and Kubernetes and Arm demos, just to name a few, will fill the day with multiple presentations at different times to maximize your convenience.

And I know what you’re asking:

  • Will there be swag?
  • Will there be prizes?

Yes. Yes to all of these.

The first 500 signups will receive free Raspberry Pi cases. But you’ll also be snail-mailed Pi Day themed masks. And I’m not just saying this because of my position or anything, but let me be clear—I want one of these masks. Andre, if you’re reading this, will you send me one? Thanks.

Where do I register?

Check out www.314piday.com and get signed up!

In the meantime, why not explore our stellar Oracle Cloud Free-Tier account? You can get a head start on some of the concepts that presenters will be discussing during Pi Day.

Join us on Slack!

Oh, and if you’re curious about the goings-on of Oracle Developers in their natural habitat, come join us on our public Slack channel! We don’t mind being your fish bowl 🐠

Erin Dawson

DevRel Communications Manager

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