Oracle Welcomes You To KubeCon Europe

March 18, 2024 | 2 minute read
Sudha Raghavan
Senior Vice President of Engineering, Developer Platform
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Hello and welcome to KubeCon Europe, 2024. I’m excited about the opportunity to connect with each of you in Paris, whether you are a developer, a platform engineer, or a technologist looking for cloud-native technology to address your business needs. The high demand for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) offerings in AI-related infrastructure and services, along with our extensive utilization of CNCF projects, creates an incredibly exciting opportunity to engage with members of the CNCF community.

During our AI journey at Oracle, we gained valuable insights while developing Artificial Intelligence services on Kubernetes. Our engineers found Kubernetes was vital in delivering managed AI services like Generative AI, Digital Assistant, Speech, Language, and Vision reliably and at scale. OCI Container Engine for Kubernetes (OKE) and the vast array of open-source projects in the CNCF Kubernetes ecosystem, empowered the team to increase developer productivity by automating infrastructure management tasks to focus on enhancing features much to the delight of our customers.

Running AI workloads can be compute intensive. Arm-based compute can be a cost-effective alternative to high demand GPUsespecially for AI inference workloads. Oracle was one of the first cloud service providers to globally deploy Arm-based compute using Ampere Altra processors. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) supports many key services including OKE on Arm, Container Instances, Functions & Kubernetes Pods on Arm, and even our flagship Oracle Database on Arm. Ampere Altras innovative architecture delivers high performance, linear scalability, and energy efficiency while prioritizing cost-effectiveness.

We are aligned with the CNCF's mission of making cloud-native computing ubiquitous. In case you missed it, we have also invested where we believe it can make a difference. That’s why at KubeCon Chicago we announced $3 million in Arm-based cloud credits for CNCF projects. This 3-year commitment will undoubtedly spur more deployments for projects that benefit the community all while leveraging these incredibly eco-friendly and efficient processors.

We are glad to see the CNCF user community utilize our credits on several key open-source CNCF projects like Crossplane, KCP, NATS, Kubernetes (For Kubernetes-Infra), and OpenTelemetry.

We encourage you to take advantage of these credits and build your next CNCF project. Read the getting started blog.

Don’t miss our keynote on Friday, March 22 at 9:30 am CET. Add to your schedule here.

Be sure to check out the KubeCon Project Hub, drop into a Lightning Talk, or try a demo to learn more about how Oracle, the CNCF, Kubernetes, and Arm are empowering a new generation of AI and cloud-native solutions.

Sudha Raghavan

Senior Vice President of Engineering, Developer Platform

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