Oracle Database client libraries for Java now on Maven Central

February 27, 2020 | 2 minute read
Gerald Venzl
Senior Director
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Update 2020-08-14: is now also available on Maven Central!

Oracle has published its Oracle Database JDBC client libraries on Maven Central. From now on you can find Oracle Database related jar files under the group id. You will find all libraries from version (e.g. ojdbc6) to 19.3.0 (e.g. ojdbc10).

Going forward, Oracle will use Maven Central as one of the primary distribution mechanisms for Oracle Database Java client libraries, meaning that you will also be able to find new versions of these libraries on Maven Central in the future.

To get the latest Oracle Database JDBC driver, use the following dependency GAV in your Maven POM file:

The group id has the following subgroups:
  • this group contains all JDBC libraries
    • ojdbc[N].jar:
      The Oracle Database JDBC driver compiled with Java [N]
    • ucp.jar:
      The Universal Connection Pool for JDBC
    • ojdbc[N]dms.jar:
      The Oracle Database JDBC driver compiled with Java [N] including the Dynamic Monitoring System (DMS)

      Note: ojdbc8dms.jar and ojdbc10dms.jar contain the instrumentation to support the Dynamic Monitoring System (DMS) and limited support for java.util.logging.
  • this group contains all JDBC debug libraries
  • this group contains all Security libraries for Oracle wallet and more
    • oraclepki.jar:
      The Oracle PKI provider used for Oracle wallets
    • osdt_cert.jar:
      Certificate management components used for Oracle wallets
    • osdt_core.jar:
      Core components between oraclepki.jar and osdt_cert.jar
  • this group contains all High Availability libraries
    • ons.jar:
      Oracle Notification System library
    • simplefan.jar:
      Simple Fast Application Notification library
  • this group contains the Internationalization library
    • orai18n.jar:
      orainternationalization.jar --> orai - 18 letters in between - n.jar
  • this group contains all XML and XML DB related libraries
    • xdb.jar, xdb6.jar
      Support for the JDBC 4.x standard java.sql.SQLXML interface
    • xmlparserv2.jar
      The Oracle Database XML Parser library, including APIs for:
      • DOM and Simple API for XML (SAX) parsers
      • XML Schema processor
      • Extensible Stylesheet Language Transformation (XSLT) processor
      • XML compression
      • Java API for XML Processing (JAXP)
      • Utility functionality such as XMLSAXSerializer and asynchronous DOM Builder

        Note: xdb6.jar is a legacy name, xdb.jar is the new name.
  • this group contains the Observability library
    • dms.jar:
      The Oracle Database Dynamic Monitoring System (DMS)
  • this group contains the Simple Oracle Document Access driver for Oracle Database
  • (coming soon!): this group contains the Advanced Queuing Java Messaging Service driver for Oracle Database

With this change, Oracle made it easier than ever before for developers and users alike to consume the Oracle Database Java client libraries.

Gerald Venzl

Senior Director

Gerald Venzl is a Senior Director of Product Manager for Oracle. During his career, Gerald has worked as a Developer, DBA, Performance Tuner, Software Architect, Consultant and Enterprise Architect prior to his current role, while still being active as a developer in his free time and on open source projects. This allowed Gerald to live several different lives in the IT sector, providing him with a solid understanding of the concerns in these individual areas while gaining a holistic view overall. Gerald focuses on advocating how to build systems that provide flexibility yet still meet the needs of the users.

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