3 Announcements from Oracle at KubeCon

November 7, 2023 | 4 minute read
Mahesh Thiagarajan
EVP, Security & Developer Platform
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We’re thrilled to be at KubeCon North America in Chicago! KubeCon is a great opportunity to explore exciting cutting-edge advancements in cloud native technologies year after year.

We’re in the midst of a technology revolution with AI. There is tremendous potential for innovation at the intersection of AI and cloud-native technologies such as AI-enhanced applications, containerized AI workloads, and AI-optimized cloud infrastructure. At the forefront of it all is this fantastic open-source community that leads innovation through boundless collaboration. We're thrilled to play a role in this exciting journey!

At Oracle, we have a strong history of contributing to the open source community. We are the number one contributor to the Linux Kernel, responsible for over 70% of fixes and updates to OpenJDK, and we contribute significantly to OpenSSL. We built Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) to be open by design on open source technologies like Kubernetes and made our own technologies like Oracle Database and MySQL HeatWave available on other cloud service providers.

I’ve been part of core engineering teams through-out my career and I have seen up close the role open source and cloud native technologies have played to build, deploy, and manage applications and services globally and at scale. I also see where we can contribute to the cloud native community to make it stronger in areas such as security and compliance at enterprise scale.

Today at KubeCon North America, I announced three new contributions to show our continued commitment to open source and CNCF. These contributions are based on the experience we’ve gained by building cloud services for organizations of all sizes across the globe. We believe they can be tremendously useful to our developers, customers, and our peers.

Oracle commits $3M of Arm based cloud credits to support CNCF

We have benefitted extensively from the Cloud Native Computing Foundation community (CNCF). Kubernetes is foundational to our application development platform on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. We are resolute in our commitment to support the work that CNCF is doing to make cloud native computing ubiquitous. We are excited to announce that Oracle will contribute $3 million per year for three years in Arm based credits on Ampere hardware to CNCF.

“The intense drive to balance performance and sustainability in cloud computing underscores the importance in enabling developers to more easily and quickly deploy on Arm-based technology,” said Mohamed Awad, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Infrastructure Line of Business, Arm. “The majority of CNCF projects today provide native support for Arm, and Oracle’s contribution is invaluable and timely in ensuring that the over 150 projects hosted by the CNCF have a solid foundation for incorporating multi-architecture software development practices.”

Oracle was one of the first cloud service providers to globally deploy Arm-based compute using Ampere Altra processors. Ampere Altra’s innovative architecture delivers high performance, linear scalability, and energy efficiency. We're excited to enable CNCF to use Arm based compute which delivers amazing energy efficiency to host various CNCF projects.

“The pairing of Cloud Native software with Ampere Cloud Native processors is a better-together formula that can provide massive benefits in cost, sustainability, and scalability,” said Sean Varley, Chief Evangelist and VP Business Development at Ampere, “Our partners at Oracle Cloud Infrastructure just gave the CNCF community a major boost with a substantial commitment of free cloud credits on OCI Ampere Arm based compute  – the most efficient and scalable aarch64 cloud shapes in the industry.”

Learn more about OCI's Arm based compute on Ampere hardware here.

Open sourcing Jipher for FIPS regulated environments

For several years we have been making significant contributions to OpenSSL. We’ve chosen to base our products on OpenSSL because it is the most open and most widely used cryptographic toolkit on the planet. At Oracle, we make extensive use of the OpenSSL 3.0 FIPS 140 provider to operate in regulated markets. We like the OpenSSL FIPS provider so much that we built a Java cryptography toolkit on top of it called Jipher. Oracle developed Jipher as a solution for environments with FIPS 140 requirements. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) has seen dramatic performance improvements with Jipher. Today, I announced plans to open source Jipher through OpenJDK, to support Project Panama based Java applications for the benefit of the broader open source community. Learn more about our announcement about Jipher here.

Call to Contribute: Zero Trust Packet Routing

We recently announced a new standard that meets modern security concerns — the Zero-Trust Packet Routing (ZPR) standard. ZPR uses intent-based security policies enforced at the network layer, constantly watching system changes enabling you to audit, validate, and visualize policy enforcement across your network. ZPR will be developed and governed by an industry consortium with Oracles participation. Today, I invite collaboration from across the entire technology industry, because broad adoption and interoperability will create a stronger and more consistent data protection for everyone.

Start contributing by visiting ZPR.org.

As with all open source initiatives, we couldn’t do all of this without you — individuals who deeply care about liberating the best technology for all developers, no matter who or where you are. We hope you take this technology and run with it. We’re honored to be part of that.

For more Oracle open source information, bookmark our Open Source for Developers resource center.

Mahesh Thiagarajan

EVP, Security & Developer Platform

Mahesh Thiaharajan is the executive vice president of the OCI Security and Developer Platform. His organization’s mission is simplify developers’ work by building truly flexible, open, and secure platforms. We build differentiated products that make it easy for customers to securely operate their business on OCI and modernize their DevOps practices in the cloud. He was part of the team that launched Oracle Cloud Infrastructure in 2016, and during his time at OCI, he has been involved in strategic planning and many product launches involving Compute, Database, and Big Data services, Microsoft and VMware partnerships.

Before Oracle, Mahesh worked at Microsoft Azure and was part of the team that launched Azure IaaS in 2012 and later launched Azure IaaS under Resource Manager in 2015.

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