How to setup auto assignment of Service Request to Queue in Oracle B2B Service

July 8, 2022 | 5 minute read
Sreejith Sreekumar
Senior Manager, Rightnow Service
Britto Thatheyu
Project Lead
Aswin Anand
Principal Applications Engineer
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The Oracle B2B Service application provides the set of service capabilities like service request management, knowledge management, field service, and digital customer service products. This integrated service solution enhances communication and differentiates customer service experiences. The service request management module in B2B Service application also has the capability of automatically assigning incoming service requests to the available agents based on user defined rules.

Service requests are designed to track the resolution of a customer issue from the initial customer contact to closure. The most common business requirement is that service request needs to be auto assigned to an agent when it is raised. The Omni Channel routing feature uses service request queueing rules to identify customer service cases that meet certain conditions and then route those service requests to customer service agents.

This blog illustrates the steps to enable auto-assignment of service requests to agents in the queue. The assignment manager is used to assign candidate objects (i.e. Queue) to work objects (i.e. Service Request) based on the rule-based mapping. The Omni Channel route a service request to an agent based on the agent availability and capacity.

Queue Setup

The below section covers steps to create a queue and tag agents

Create Queue

  • Login to the FA application
  • Navigate to Service → Queues
  • Click on Create Queue
  • Provide queue name and define the distribution policy. We can configure automatic assignment or manual assignment based on the use case.


  • Select Omni Channel routing for assigning agents to the service request based on capacity.

Add agents

After creating the queue, follow the below steps to add agents. Please make sure to avoid adding the same agents in multiple queues to avoid work overload.

  • Select the queue.
  • Navigate to the "Resources" tab
  • Click on Add Resource and search for the agent
  • Submit the changes


Define capacity

The capacity for each agent can be defined using the below steps. Please note that capacity can be overridden only if "Enable Channel Capacities to Be Overridden for Individuals" is checked in Setup & Maintenance → Manage Capacities task.

  • Navigate to queue
  • Click on capacities
  • Define capacity based on the need.


Assignment Manager Setup

Follow the below steps to configure assignment rules to map a Queue to Service Request.

Setup profile option

SVC_ASSIGN_TO_QUEUE_ON_CREATE Yes Assign Service Request to Queue on create.

Add Service Request Rule

  • Navigate to setup & maintenance
  • Search for task "Manage Service Assignment Rules".
  • Select "Service Request Queueing Rules" from the category dropdown.
  • Create a new ruleset and new rule


  • Create Rule based on the requirement. Select the Queue that was created in the previous step as the candidate object. As per the below screenshot, a service request that is critical, very low severity, and for an account that starts with "asd test" will get assigned to queue "SW_QUEUE".


Omni Channel

Below profile options should be enabled for Omni Channel routing for a work order to agents.

SVC_ENABLE_OMNI Yes Enable Omni Channel

Agent Presence

Once the queue to assigned to SR and Omni Channel is enabled, based on the agent availability & capacity, SR's will get assigned to agents. Refer below steps to mark availability for SR.

  • Login as an agent to FA
  • Navigate to Service → Service Requests
  • Mark the presence by clicking on the Service Request icon near to profile icon (top right corner)


  • Agent presence can be also controlled by profile option "SVC_OMNI_DISABLE_WORK_ITEM_AVAILABILITY_SELECTION"
  • Create a service request with attribute values matching the rule (Critical, Severity, and Account Name)
  • Once the service request is created, SW_QUEUE will get assigned to the service request & Omni Channel will assign an agent to the SR based on the availability and capacity. The agent will get a notification popup regarding the assignment.
  • See the notification popup below


  • Service request is now assigned to the Queue SW_QUEUE and then to the available agent "SW Agent 1"




Sreejith Sreekumar

Senior Manager, Rightnow Service

Britto Thatheyu

Project Lead

Aswin Anand

Principal Applications Engineer

Digital Customer Service Team

Product Team

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