Freedom to Build - Oracle Adds APEX Low-Code Application Development and Autonomous JSON Database to Growing List of Always Free Oracle Cloud Services

April 20, 2021 | 4 minute read
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Today, April 20th, 2021, Oracle Corporation further demonstrates its commitment to developers by expanding Oracle Cloud Free Tier with two new Always Free services that enable rapidly creating low-code Oracle APEX applications and managing JSON document data. Both services are completely free to Oracle Cloud users for an unlimited time. These two new services add to the growing list of Always Free services released in Oracle Cloud since 2019.

New Always Free Oracle APEX Application Development

With new Always Free Oracle APEX Application Development (aka Free APEX Service), citizen and professional developers can rapidly build and deploy low-code apps in Oracle Cloud free of charge for as long as they need. Oracle APEX empowers developers to create modern data-driven applications up to 38x faster than coding. Developers can get the most from data assets by building converged applications that integrate relational, JSON, spatial, and graph data. They can pull data from the included Oracle Autonomous Database or virtually any REST endpoint. In addition, developers optionally can extend applications by incorporating Oracle and third-party APEX plugins or by adding custom JavaScript, SQL, and PL/SQL logic.

Free APEX Service delivers Oracle APEX running in Oracle Cloud as an all-inclusive and fully managed service with up to 1 OCPU (shared) and 20 GB of storage. It is suitable for diverse low-code applications including bespoke apps, interactive reports, dashboards, spreadsheet replacements, and more. Free APEX Service can support approximately 3-6 users accessing the service simultaneously, plus an unlimited number of applications, developer accounts, and end-user accounts. If applications outgrow these constraints, it is easy to upgrade to Paid APEX Service with a single click and then provision additional OCPUs and storage.

New Always Free Oracle Autonomous JSON Database

Always Free Oracle Autonomous JSON Database (aka Free JSON Database) delivers the benefits of Oracle’s Paid Autonomous JSON Database free of charge for as long as needed. Autonomous JSON Database is a cloud document database service that makes it simple to develop JSON-centric applications and handle JSON workloads. It features simple JSON document APIs, full SQL access, serverless scaling, high performance ACID transactions, and comprehensive security. Because the service is a member of the Oracle Autonomous Database family, it automates provisioning, configuring, tuning, scaling, patching, encrypting, and repairing of the database, thus eliminating most database management tasks while still delivering extremely high availability.

Free JSON Database provides up to 1 OCPU (shared) and 20 GB of storage, making it suitable for a wide range of small- to medium-sized JSON-centric applications. If apps built using Free JSON Database outgrow these constraints, a single click can upgrade from Always Free to a paid service, where it is easy to provision additional compute and storage resources.

Oracle’s Growing List of Always Free Cloud Services

These new free services are just the most recent additions to Oracle Cloud Free Tier. They complement the existing Always Free Compute VM, Object Storage, Block Storage, Load Balancer, Autonomous Data Warehouse, Autonomous Transaction Processing, and NoSQL Database services. The new Always Free services underscore Oracle’s continuing commitment to provide free Oracle Cloud resources to developers of all kinds, whether they are employed by an enterprise, working independently, or volunteering. With Oracle Cloud, developers everywhere get access to a growing list of free resources for an unlimited time.

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For more information:

To learn about Oracle APEX Application Development, visit

To learn about Oracle Autonomous JSON Database, visit

To learn about all things Oracle APEX (including cloud, hybrid cloud, multi-cloud, and on-premises deployments), visit

To learn what is included in Oracle Cloud Free Tier, visit

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Paid versions of Oracle APEX Application Development and Oracle Autonomous JSON Database start at US$360 per month for 1 OCPU and 1 TB of storage (running continuously for a 31-day month). The paid versions are scalable up to 128 OCPUs and 500 TB of storage. Each OCPU of Paid APEX Service supports more simultaneous users than what the Free APEX Service OCPU supports.

Across all of the Always Free services that are based on Oracle Autonomous Database (including Free APEX Service and Free JSON Database) developers can run a total of two Always Free instances per Oracle Cloud tenancy.

Other Always Free services that are not based on Oracle Autonomous Database have service-specific limitations, but generally provide a generous amount of free cloud resources. For example, Always Free Block Storage provides 100 GB of block storage in Oracle Cloud free for an unlimited time.

Todd Bottger

Todd Bottger is Product Management Director in the Oracle Database team at Oracle Corp.

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