Celebrating Talk Like a Pirate Day

September 19, 2021 | 2 minute read
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T' celebrate "Talk like a pirate day", we've compiled a few resources our jolly crew hope you'll find interesting.  We've been busy doing lots o' shipshape things, from building a race car wit' plastic bricks, helping t' secure automated Terraform pipelines t' predicting who might win thar next race!  Aye, we've been busy...

Without further ado, here be some projects our jolly crew hope you'll enjoy:

Eff-Uno Racer

What could be better than a race car made o' plastic bricks?!  How about one that be controlled via thar cloud?!  That supports multiple racers?!  Oh aye… it just keeps getting better. Open Source, Raspberry Pi, Arduino, electronics n' more!  N' that be just thar start!!!  Check it out here.

Building Secure Automated OCI Terraform Pipelines

Wow.  We've got t' come up wit' a shorter name fer that.  Terraform be great.  Automated pipelines be also incredible.  Combining thar two be, well, awesome!  Thar problem be, how t' secure it?  Wonder nay more.  Check out thar OCI Policy-as-Code using Open Policy Agent project!  Be thar hero n' secure yer Terraform pipelines.

RedBull Analytics Hands-On Lab

Have ye been interested in getting into Machine Learning (ML)?  Maybe you be already into it, but haven't applied it t' racing.  Either way, check out thar RedBull analytics Hands-On Lab t' learn machine learning thar fun way - wit' Oracle n' RedBull Racing!  Try yer hook at predicting who might win thar race.



By thar way, in case you'd like t' have fun wit' pirate talk, check out thar OCI pirate translator, which runs a open-source pirate translator on a OCI instance.  That be what be used fer dis post.

Happy coding!

Tim Clegg

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