Celebrating AI, Open Source, and MLOps with you at KubeCon EU: March 19-22

February 22, 2024 | 2 minute read
Erin Dawson
DevRel Communications Manager
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If you saw how much fun we had in Chicago for KubeCon last year and wished you could cross the pond, count yourself lucky because Oracle will be a sponsor for KubeCon EU in Paris France, March 19 - 22.

At KubeCon North America last year, we announced that Oracle will donate $3 Million Arm Based Cloud Credits For CNCF Projects per year for 3 years to support CNCF projects on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

This time around, we’re sharing how AI can bolster your open source tools and MLOps through lightning talks, games, and announcements via an extra special keynote.

Speaking of lightning talks (located at the Oracle booth), you may want to check out these sessions:

  • Using AI for Root Cause Analysis — This lightning talk will cover how a stack trace can be componentized, categorized, and fed to an AI machine to make root cause analysis easier and with enough data training to provide the actual cause and solution. March 20, 2:00-2:15
  • Elevate your App Delivery: Seamless CI/CD with GitLab on OCI — Discover how you can supercharge your DevOps workflow by deploying from GitLab to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. In this talk, we'll walk you through the reference architecture for setting up GitLab with OCI and unlocking the full potential of CI/CD pipelines in the cloud. March 21, 11:45-12:00
  • Gen AI with Oracle Autonomous Database deployed on a Kubernetes Backend — Learn how to work with Select AI, a database package allowing natural language queries to chat with the database. Deployed in a Spring Boot app, exposing the Select AI SQL as a REST query, it’s easy to embed data insights into applications using natural language. March 22, 10:30-10:45

While we have to keep the announcements we’ll be making at KubeCon EU a secret (for now), you can countdown the days until KubeCon EU with us at developer.Oracle.com!

If you’re familiar at all with KubeCon, you know that the energy is positive, the attendees are friendly, and the opportunity to network and learn from experts (like, say, at our booth) are great.

We can’t wait to share that with you.

Register for KubeCon EU today!

Erin Dawson

DevRel Communications Manager

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