Announcing Discounts on New Oracle Books and Exam Guides

March 22, 2024 | 2 minute read
Erin Dawson
DevRel Communications Manager
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“Hey, guys  - welcome back to my channel.”

I’m sorry? I’ve never been to your channel. I just want to learn how to make Reusable SQL Pattern Matching Clauses with SQL Macros. Just get to the good stuff!

If you’re a developer, you know that learning a new language, a new stack, or just a new approach can be kind of torturous. At the outset, you think, “Hey, I’ll just watch a few YouTube videos to get up to speed,” but it doesn’t take long to recognize that just because someone can do doesn’t mean they can teach.

Enter Oracle Publishing and our new roster of books for 2024.

From Java study guides, to practical, example-rich texts on Oracle Database and AI primers, these books are designed to get you up and running in as little time as possible.

For a limited time, attendees to Oracle DevLive: Build with Data and AI can receive a discount code to purchase physical or digital copies of select books, including:

This is just the tip of the iceberg though!

To see a full list of available titles, visit and use the discount code DEVLIVE to score 10% off.

Erin Dawson

DevRel Communications Manager

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