A simple async pattern for SpringBoot micro-services with OCI Streaming and Instance Principals

March 4, 2022 | 14 minute read
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OCI Streaming Service


This allows you to use applications written for Kafka to send messages to and receive messages from the Streaming service without having to rewrite your code.

Create a Stream


Explaining the exercise


The Publisher micro-service


The Consumer micro-service authentication process

Dynamic groups allow you to group Oracle Cloud Infrastructure compute instances as “principal” actors (similar to user groups). You can then create policies to permit instances to make API calls against Oracle Cloud Infrastructure services. When you create a dynamic group, rather than adding members explicitly to the group, you instead define a set of matching rules to define the group members. For example, a rule could specify that all instances in a particular compartment are members of the dynamic group. The members can change dynamically as instances are launched and terminated in that compartment.

Creating a Dynamic Group


Create Policies to Allow the Dynamic Group to have access to Streams in a specific Compartment


Coding the consumerms micro-service

running in the kubernetes cluster


Fernando Harris

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