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Podcast: Then and Now: An Integration Conversation

Bob Rhubart
Community Manager, Oracle Groundbreakers Team

It’s one of the immutable rules of Information Technology: everything changes all the time. Amid all that paradigm shifting and envelope pushing, does enterprise integration get a pass? Of course not! Conversations about Integration once involved terms like “service oriented architecture” and “enterprise service bus.” But times and the vocabulary have changed, and those conversations -- like the one you are about to hear -- now involve a new vocabulary: containers, serverless, REST, APIs. The people doing the talking in this program are experienced architects with plenty to say about changing views on enterprise integration.

This topic for this podcast was inspired by Lucas Jellema's article, Changing views on integration – from Enterprise Service Bus to API Gateway, Serverless and iPaaS

This is Groundbreaker Podcast #367. It was recorded on Monday April 29, 2019.


The Panelists

Listed alphabetically

Oracle ACE Director Sven BernhardtSven Bernhardt
Senior Solution Architect, OPITZ Consulting
Cologne, Germany


“Security plays a totally different role today than five or six years back. Security was always a second or third class citizen. Today it’s very, very important, and this is something that influences how we build software. When we look to Blockchain, it’s about data integrity, so there’s a huge demand for security.”

Oracle ACE Rolando CarrascoRolando Carrasco
CTO/Service Orientation and API Management Architect, Services & Processes Solutions
Mexico City, Mexico


“The world has changed in terms of interconnectivity...The effect of integration is much more visible than before. The way we think when we build an integration solution has changed because of that.“

Oracle ACE Director Lonneke DikmansLonneke Dikmans
Head of Center of Excellence, eProseed
Utrecht, Netherlands


“The whole concept of governance...now is becoming more and more valuable, to know what type of APIs you’re offering, who is using your APIs, how they’re using it, if your data is safe. That’s why I think API management is not only about managing the APIs that you offer, but also managing your consumers.”

Oracle ACE Director Lucas JellemaLucas Jellema
CTO/Consulting IT Architect, AMIS
Rotterdam Area, Netherlands


“The boundaries between data in transit and data at rest, integration and data stores, and even between different types of data stores, all those boundaries are getting a bit blurry, and it all becomes more tied together.”

Leon SmiersLeon Smiers
Center of Excellence Lead - Oracle PaaS, Capgemini
Rotterdam, Netherlands


“The security part and the governance part are going to be very important, because who is allowed to see what and who is allowed to change what will be even more important.”

Oracle ACE Arturo ViverosArturo Viveros
Principal Architect, SYSCO AS
Oslo, Norway


“We are discovering so many ways and so many technologies that allow us to leverage our data, to handle bigger and bigger volumes, to identify more events, to provide more opportunities for smart applications, for intelligent systems, for giving much better experience. Integration is at the core of this. It’s a totally different world.”


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