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Our Most Popular Tech Articles of 2011

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You can stop holding your breath now. We have determined the Top 20 (meaning: most popular) Tech Articles Published by OTN in 2011!

What conclusions can we draw from this list? Well, for one: Traditionally, we publish a "Top 10" list at the end of the calendar year. But in 2011, there were so many popular articles published that this ceiling was too limiting.

Other conclusions:

  • Java developers love reading articles. Total domination of the page view numbers this year.
  • Adam Bien is not only a Java Champion, but a Page Views Champion as well. Neither Brittany Spears nor George Clooney would have been more helpful to us in that department.
  • You all seem fairly curious about Java 7, Java EE, and JavaFX.
  • If you have your own observations, let's see them in comments.

 Without further delay, here's the list:

  1. Fork and Join: Java Can Excel at Painless Parallel Programming Too! (Julien Ponge)
  2. Taking Your First Steps with Oracle Solaris 11 (Brian Leonard & Glynn Foster)
  3. Contexts and Dependency Injection in Java EE 6 (Adam Bien)
  4. Unit Testing for Java EE (Adam Bien)
  5. Neural Networks on the NetBeans Platform (Zoran Sevarac)
  6. Oracle Senior VP Steve Harris on Oracle’s Vision of Java (Janice J. Heiss)
  7. Oracle Database 11g Express Edition Quick Tour (Przemyslaw Piotrowski)
  8. Looking Ahead to Java SE 7 and 8: A Discussion with Oracle’s Java Language Architect, Brian Goetz (Janice J. Heiss)
  9. Working with Java SE 7 Exception Changes (Manfred Riem)
  10. Client-Side Improvements in Java 6 and Java 7 (Josh Marinacci)
  11. How I Simplified Oracle Database Installation on Oracle Linux (Ginny Henningsen)
  12. The DBA’s Guide to Setting Up Oracle RAC One Node and Oracle Data Guard (Martin Bach)
  13. Integration Testing for Java EE (Adam Bien)
  14. Build a .NET Application on the Oracle Database with Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 (John Paul Cook)
  15. Templating with JSF 2.0 Facelets (Deepak Vohra)
  16. Using Adobe Flex and JavaFX with JavaServer Faces 2.0 (Re Lai)
  17. Series: Oracle Exadata Command Reference (Arup Nanda)
  18. Better Resource Management with Java SE 7: Beyond Syntactic Sugar (Julien Ponge)
  19. Using Transitions for Animation in Oracle's JavaFX 2.0 (James L. Weaver)
  20. Scaling a PHP MySQL Web Application, Part 1 (Eli White)

Want to see your name on this list for 2012? We're always looking for good writers. Looking forward to seeing your proposals!

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