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  • September 13, 2017

Cutting Wood, Beating the Drum: Oracle Joins CNCF, Doubles Down Further on Kubernetes

Bob Quillin
Vice President Developer Relations
  • Oracle Joins the CNCF as a Platinum Member
  • Open Sources Kubernetes Terraform Installer for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure
  • Releases Kubernetes on Oracle Linux

It’s been a busy last six months for Oracle Container Native App Dev – starting in April with the Dockercon 2017 announcement that we’ve released our flagship databases, middleware and developer tools into the Docker Store marketplace via the Docker Certification Program.  In June, at CoreOS Fest 2017 we teamed up with CoreOS to bring CoreOS Container Linux to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and detailed a broad commitment to the Kubernetes project, dedicating engineering resources for participation.  Later in June, we open sourced three container tools we had developed to help with building and operating containers: smithcrashcart, and railcar, which are all available now on the Oracle github page.

Today at the Open Source Summit in Los Angeles, we are announcing that Oracle has joined the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) as a Platinum member.  This is a logical next step for Oracle as our customers are seeking an open, cloud-neutral, and community-driven container native technology stack that avoids cloud lock-in and allows them to run in a true hybrid mode – the same stack in the cloud - any cloud – as they run on premise.  CNCF shares Oracle’s commitment to open, cloud-neutral, and community-driven container native technology and is the leading hub for this community effort.  As part of Oracle’s Platinum membership, Jon Mittelhauser, Oracle Vice President Container Native Engineering, has joined CNCF’s Governing Board.

Doubling Down on Kubernetes

In addition to joining the CNCF, Oracle is also releasing Kubernetes on Oracle Linux and open sourcing a Terraform Kubernetes Installer for the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure – Bare Metal.  Both of these releases focus on one of the largest challenges facing the open source container community: how to simplify management and automate operations to move more microservice applications from development to production. 

Oracle Linux now includes Kubernetes as part of Oracle Container Services for use with Kubernetes, which is part of Oracle Linux 7.  It can be used for any environment on Oracle Linux – from public to private cloud to on-prem environments. The Kubernetes service provides a simplified installation model utilizing an installation script and the kubeadm service. It is designed to easily build both the master controller as well as worker nodes, to deliver maximum scalability across the cluster. It is freely available to download from https://yum.oracle.com/repo/OracleLinux/OL7/preview/x86_64/index.html.  Furthermore, Oracle Linux Premier Support is included free when deployed in Oracle bare metal cloud. 

The Terraform Kubernetes Installer consists of a set of Terraform modules and a base configuration for provisioning and configuring highly available Kubernetes clusters in a customer's Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) tenancy.  This includes network, compute, and load balancing integrations with Virtual Cloud Network (VCN) and subnet configuration and control and load balancing for the etcd and Kubernetes master clusters.  You can specify the Kubernetes master and minion shapes and sizes - including VM and bare metal shapes - and how they are placed across the underlying availability domains (ADs).

Wood, Water, and Drum Beats

We are committed to earning our stripes and doing our part in helping the CNCF grow and continue its success.  Our focus is to “cut wood and carry water” which includes contributing to Kubernetes – from the main project to security, federation, network, testing, and service catalog.  In addition to Kubernetes, we are also leveraging many other CNCF projects including Prometheus, gRPC, and OpenTracing.  Stay tuned as we head into Oracle OpenWorld 2017 – the drumbeat will continue as more wood gets cut and more water gets carried!

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