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New Release: Oracle Developer Tools for VS Code

Oracle Developer Tools for VS Code is a free extension available in the Visual Studio Marketplace that allows developers like you to easily connect to Oracle Database and Oracle Autonomous Database. Developers for Python, C#, Java, or any other language can stay in Visual Studio Code when you need to edit and execute SQL and PL/SQL.

You can view and save result sets in formats such as CSV or JSON. Other features includes code snippets to help those starting out with Oracle Database, syntax coloring, and intellisense — which is to say auto completion of Oracle Database schema objects when typing SQL. Visual Studio Code is available for developers on Windows, Linux and Mac.

Some screenshots below:

Editing a SQL Script


Opening the command palette to connect to Oracle Database


Connecting to an Oracle Autonomous Database


Intellisense (code completion for database objects)


Code snippets


Viewing a result set and getting ready to save to JSON format

We have lots of features coming soon, including a database browser so you can explore your schema and generate SQL scripts for database objects. You can connect and use our extension today with Oracle Autonomous Database and we plan to add a browser so that you can browse and manage your Oracle Autonomous Database resources from within Visual Studio Code. Once you have Oracle Developer Tools for VS Code, you can automatically receive these updates as soon as they come out.

To get started check out our Quick Start, and then open Visual Studio Code, enter "Oracle" in the extension search bar, and then click on and install Oracle Developer Tools for VS Code. Let us know what you think over on our discussion forum.

Christian Shay is a product manager in the Database Technologies group at Oracle. He speaks at Oracle developer events and user group events worldwide.