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Open Source


Announcing the General Availability of MySQL 8.0

MySQL adds NoSQL and many new enhancements to the world’s most popular open source database: NoSQL Document Store gives developers the flexibility of developing...


JavaOne Event Expands with More Tracks, Languages and Communities – and New Name

The JavaOne conference is expanding to create a new, bigger event that’s inclusive to more languages, technologies and developer communities. Expect more talks...


New Release of Node.js Module for Oracle Database: node-oracledb 2.0 is out

It's been perhaps the most requested feature, and it's been delivered! You can now get pre-built binaries with all the required dependencies to connect your...

Containers, Microservices, APIs

Announcing The New Open Source WebLogic Monitoring Exporter on GitHub

As it runs, WebLogic Server generates a rich set of metrics and runtime state information that provides detailed performance and diagnostic data about the...


Introducing Data Hub Cloud Service to Manage Apache Cassandra and More

Today we are introducing the general availability of the Oracle Data Hub Cloud Service. With Data Hub, developers are now able to initialize and run Apache...


Announcing Fn–An Open Source Serverless Functions Platform

We are very excited to announce our new open source, cloud agnostic, serverless platform–Fn. The Fn project is a container native Apache 2.0 licensed serverless...


Meet the New Application Development Stack - Managed Kubernetes, Serverless, Registry, CI/CD, Java

Oracle OpenWorld 2017, JavaOne, and Oracle Code Container Native Highlights New Oracle Container Native App Dev Platform: Managed Kubernetes + CI/CD + Private...


Announcing BOSH Cloud Provider Interface for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Today we are pleased to announce our partnership with Pivotal to bring Cloud Foundry to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. Over the past months, we have been working...


New Game. New Name. Oracle Developer Community

Technology has driven so much change that people have become nearly oblivious to all but the most dramatic innovations. But it’s important to remember that each...