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Video: No Pain, No Gain - Getting Started With Containers

Bob Rhubart
Community Manager, Oracle Groundbreakers Team

"How do I get started on containers?" Ashutosh Tripathi hears that question a lot.

"Not many people are doing these kind of things today in the production environment or even on a pilot basis, except for a few startups," he says. "One of the main reasons I see that enterprises are not using containers or Node.JS types of things is because they have monolithic applications built over a period of years, and it takes time to re-architect those applications."

As he explains, "the pain is, when you are adopting a new technology or new application, you may not be able to refactor those things that easily." But there is much to be gained by taking on that refactoring task and moving forward with adopting those next technologies.

"It could be Node.js, MongoDB, PHP or whatever," Tripathi says. "Is it right for the purpose based on what you're building? And if you are building applications using microservices architecture, that provides you the flexibility to build a technology stack with the programming language of your choice."

A platform specialist with Oracle, Tripathi presented the session Developing Node JS and Mongo DB Application Using Containers at the Oracle Code event in Washington DC. He shares more insight on the issues in the interview above.

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