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New in Developer Cloud - Fn Support and Wercker Integration

Shay Shmeltzer
Director of Product Management - Oracle

Over the weekend we rolled out an update to your Oracle Developer Cloud Service instances which introduces several new features. In this blog we'll quickly review two of them - Support for the Fn project and integration with the Wercker CI/CD solution. These new features further enhance the scope of CI/CD functionality that you get in our team development platform.

Project Fn Build Support

Fn is a function-as-a-service open-source platform lead by Oracle and available for developers looking to develop portable functions with a variety of languages. If you are not familiar with Project Fn a good intro on why you should care is this blog, and you can learn more on it through the Fn project's home page on GitHub.

In the latest version of Developer Cloud you have a new option in the build steps menu that helps you define various Fn related commands as part of your build process. So for example if you Fn project code is hosted in the Git repository provided by your DevCS project, you can use the build step to automate a process of building and deploying the function you created.

Fn Build Step

Wercker/ Oracle Container Pipelines Integration

A while back Oracle purchased a docker native CI/CD solution called Wercker - which is now also offered as part of  Oracle Cloud Infrastructure under the name Oracle Container Pipelines. Wercker is focused on offering CI/CD automation for Docker & Kubernetes based micro services. As you probably know we also offer similar support for Docker and Kubernetes in Developer Cloud Service which has support for declarative definition of Docker build steps, and ability to run Kubectl scripts in its build pipelines.

If you have investment in Wercker based CI/C, and you want a more complete agile/DevOps set of features - such as the functionality offered by Developer Cloud Service (including free private Git repositories, issue tracking, agile boards and more) - now you can integrate the two solutions without loosing your investement in Wercker pipelines.

For a while now Oracle Containers Pipeline provides support for picking up the code directly from a git repository hosted in Developer Cloud Service. 

Wercker selecting DevCS

Now we added support for Developer Cloud Service to invoke pipelines you defined in Wercker directly as part of a build job and pipelines in Developer Cloud Service. Once you provide DevCS with your personal token for logging into Wercker, you can pick up specific applications, and pipelines that you would like to execute as part of your build jobs.

Wercker build step


There are several other new features and enhancements in this month's release of Oracle Developer Cloud you can read about those in our What's New page.


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Comments ( 2 )
  • Michel Thursday, February 27, 2020
    Hi Shay
    Nice article
    I've been trying to find future plans from Oracle regarding Wercker. Will they still continue to invest in it?

  • Shay Thursday, February 27, 2020

    I'm not involved with the Wercker product so you might want to reach out to that team for the official answer.
    From the DevCS PM perspective it would be interesting to know if there is any functionality your are missing in the DevCS offering to achieve your CI/CD needs.

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