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New Features in Oracle Developer Cloud - July 2019

Shay Shmeltzer
Director of Product Management - Oracle

Over the weekend we rolled out an update to Oracle Developer Cloud that adds a bunch of new features that you can leverage to improve your CI/CD experience in the Oracle Cloud. We also added Developer Cloud instances in the new Tokyo and Seoul data centers for APAC customers. For a list of all the new features check out our What's New doc section. Here are some of the highlights:

Guided Resolution for Security Vulnerabilities

In the previous release of Developer Cloud we introduced functionality that scan your Java code for potential security vulnerabilities and warns you when issues are discovered. In this version we added functionality that will guide you through a process for fixing the vulnerabilities including creating a merge request with fixed version of vulnerable libraries. We added several other enhancements to this DevSecOps support including ability to mute specific alerts. Learn more about resolving vulnerabilities here.

Resolve Vulnerability

Build Job Protection

You can now restrict access to certain build jobs to specific members of your project. This allows you to make sure that only authorized personal can execute specific jobs - for example the jobs that deploy a new version into the production instance. Note that those restrictions also apply when the job is part of a CI pipeline that involves other jobs. Access this new feature from the project administration tab.

Private Build Jobs

GraalVM Support

GraalVM is a universal virtual machine for running applications written in various languages. Now you can spin up a GraalVM instead of simple JDK as part of your build server allowing you to mix Java, JavaScript, and Node.js in the same VM. In addition you can leverage GraalVM to create native images - which will improve your app start time.

Enhanced Pipeline Parameters

Pipelines are used to chain together a set build jobs, to create a complete CI/CD flow. Now you have simpler access to the parameters that are defined in the various jobs that make up the complete pipeline. When you run a pipeline you'll be prompted to insert the values for the parameters of all the jobs involved in the pipeline. In addition if several jobs share the same parameter it will only appear once.

Pipeline Parameters

Gradle Wrapper Support

Gradle is a popular build framework, as a very active open source project there are frequent new versions of Gradle that become available. The new support for Gradle Wrapper in Oracle Developer Cloud makes it simpler to pick up specific versions of Gradle and use them for your build process.

Gradle Wrapper Support


We hope you'll find these new features useful. If you have any questions on them post them on our forum.

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