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links for 2009-02-18

Bob Rhubart
Community Manager, Oracle Groundbreakers Team

  • "In Business-Driven Architecture, enterprise architects are not only responsible for articulating the architecture, but also for actualizing the architecture, and introducing the architecture into IT business projects. Business-Driven Architecture has a strong bias to action, business opportunity, and project and portfolio advancement."

    Brenda Michelson's post is two years old, but still on target.

  • Writing about Twitter, @strukoff says, "This is an IT issue. This is a SOA issue. The ever-staid IT management mentality just hasn't realized this yet. Expect huge discussion/confrontation when C-level management appreciates how much time all this anarchyware is chewing up, then demands that IT puts rules and regulations around it, then IT tries to enforce it. Give me a front-row seat, please. I'll pay for it through my Paypal account, no problem!"

  • "Hardware certainly isn't dead, but our relationship with it may be changing," says Fortune Magazine's John Fortt.

  • Oracle ACE Vince Salvato, an Enterprise Architect at CedarCrestone Inc., launches a new blog.

  • "It’s human nature to associate information with people," says Jake Kuramoto. "Social search is based on people’s knowledge, but rather than pay editors (like Mahalo ), why not use a social network to collect people’s rankings of results? So, when I search for 'benefits' and find that pesky web site, I can comment on the result or'like' it or bookmark it or rate it or in some way indicate that it’s important to me."

  • "Those of us who are trying the cloud, for better or worse, must share those experiences on our favorite social networks," writes Mike Kavis. "Let’s hear the war stories from the trenches, not just from the generals and the media. Let’s educate the analysts, the vendors, the architects, management, our colleagues. When we see FUD, let’s call it out. When we see failures, let’s analyze them and learn from it. When we have successes, let’s share them. Let’s not blow this one. So let’s start with what we learned from SOA."

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