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Learn Terraform Today on OCI!

I'm really excited to bring your attention to a recently published tutorial series, to help you use Terraform to deploy Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) resources.  These tutorials were a joint collaborative effort between Oracle and HashiCorp. Find it on HashiCorp’s Learn platform at https://learn.hashicorp.com/collections/terraform/oci-get-started.

Why Terraform?
Terraform is one of the main tools in most infrastructure-as-code tool belts.  Could its popularity be due to its ability to manage a wide variety of platforms (supporting OCI as well as many other cloud and hardware manufacturers)?  Or maybe it's because it can run on your local machine (MacOS, Windows or Linux) or utilize a managed Terraform service (such as OCI Resource Manager)?  No matter the reason, it's become a de-facto tool in the IT industry.

Some people have heard about Terraform but haven't experienced it, while others use it daily.  If you're in the former camp (or maybe you're a bit rusty) and would like to learn the Terraform basics with OCI, this new tutorial series will take you from zero-to-hero.  Don't have Terraform installed on your system?  No problem—the tutorials define what Terraform does and walk you through installation.  From there, you’ll go on a multi-lesson journey where you'll create, modify, and destroy OCI resources, all from the comfort of your own OCI tenancy.

If you don't have access to an OCI tenancy, no worries.  Simply sign-up for an Always Free account today and get started on your learning journey!

Question-and-Answer with HashiCorp

Before closing, I wanted to share a short Q&A I had with Judith Malnick at HashiCorp, who worked closely with me during the creation of this tutorial series.  Judith was a major part of the HashiCorp effort to make this tutorial a reality (thank you, Judith!).

Q: Tell me a little about your role at HashiCorp.

I manage the Terraform Education team. We look after the Terraform documentation and build the tutorials at learn.hashicorp.com/terraform, in collaboration with awesome partners like Oracle.

Q: What do you like most about Terraform?

I love how flexible Terraform is! Most people think of it as an infrastructure-as-code product. But, because Terraform can interact with any API that there is a Terraform provider for, you can use it to manage any system, not just Cloud platforms. Once I understood that about Terraform I was hooked!

The other thing I really love about Terraform is the community! It’s amazing to collaborate with such a huge group of helpful and excited people. Everyone I’ve interacted with so far has been super kind.

Q: You spent a lot of time helping get this tutorial series published.  What do you hope people will achieve by going through the tutorial?

I hope OCI users will build a strong mental model of how Terraform works. That way, when they’re ready to start managing more infrastructure with Terraform they’ll know what docs to look for, and how to build what they need.

Q: You've likely used lots of different Terraform providers.  Was this your first time using the OCI Terraform provider?

It was my first time using OCI! I had a great time learning about it while working on the tutorials.

Q: How difficult was it for you to adopt (or migrate to) the OCI Terraform provider?

It wasn’t hard at all. One of the great things about Terraform is that no matter what provider you use, the workflow and configuration language are always the same. That makes it easy to get up and running with new technologies quickly.

Q: After using the OCI Terraform provider, what did you like the most about it?

The tutorial doesn’t touch too many resources, but I loved how simple it was to add new subnets to my VCN. The configuration for the subnet resource is clear and automatically pulls in the VCN ID.

Q: You've written a lot of great learning content. What advice do you have for folks just starting out in their Terraform on OCI journey?

Definitely start out with our new tutorials, and once you understand how Terraform works, look at the provider docs for OCI resources that you’re already familiar with. Studying a module for a service you already understand can make it much easier to understand Terraform, and to imagine what you want to build next!

Get going!

Thanks again, Judith, for your time and effort in helping to make this tutorial series with me.

There's never been a better time to step-up your IT skills by learning how easy it is to manage OCI resources with Terraform.  Visit the tutorial today to get started.


Photo by Joel Filipe on Unsplash

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