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  • June 1, 2017

Kubernetes Community Engagement: Time to Roll!

Published by T.J. Fontaine - follow him on Twitter: @tjfontaine

We are excited to be participating in CoreOS Fest 2017, and we’re taking this opportunity to roll out two major efforts. We will be dedicating engineering resources for participation in the Kubernetes project. Kubernetes is one of the premier orchestration platforms for deploying distributed systems, and given its maturity and direction we believe that Oracle is well positioned to provide significant contributions. 

We are also teaming up with CoreOS to bring CoreOS Container Linux to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. As such, developers will be empowered to leverage the performance and secure features of CoreOS Container Linux for enterprise workloads by combining one of the leading container-optimized operating systems and the industry’s most comprehensive and high performance cloud platform.

Oracle is investing in Kubernetes first and foremost as a way to deploy and operate our new cloud services. We think our understanding of operating Kubernetes will translate into value for the community as we turn our real world experience into action.

Over the next few weeks we'll be phasing in our efforts, starting first with participating in community channels. We understand that helping the community succeed will improve Kubernetes for everyone, including Oracle. So, we will demonstrate our commitment to improving Kubernetes and bolstering its community by helping to answer questions on Slack, StackOverflow, and GitHub issues.

T.J. Fontaine (@tjfontaine) left; Mark Cavage (@mcavage) center
at CoreOS Fest 2017 (source)

Participating in open source requires transparency, so all of the work that we're putting into Kubernetes and its ecosystem will be available in our GitHub organization. We will work closely with the community and the maintainers to make sure we're working on issues and features that have the biggest impact for the community at large.

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Our team comes from a diverse set of backgrounds - from traditional enterprise software to cloud native startups - as well as those who have spent their careers delivering globally available services. Given our expertise we think we can significantly participate in the special interest groups including Federation, Security, and Serverless. We will help to refine the offerings as well as drive consensus on new features that meet the community's needs.

Given that we're using Kubernetes to deliver our services, we are developing the plugins that provide a first class experience on our Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. So, if you're already using Kubernetes and want to try our cloud, it should feel natural.

We are excited to participate in this vibrant community, and I cannot wait to see what we'll create together!

Stay tuned!

About the author: TJ Fontaine is a software engineer at Oracle responsible for architecting and delivering highly available cloud-native containerized services. He is also a veteran open source contributor to Node.js, Linux, and Mono. While Node.js Project Lead, he guided community expansion and enterprise adoption. He also helped navigate the transition from a BDFL model into the Node.js Foundation. 

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