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Java.net Reborn

Bob Rhubart
Community Manager, Oracle Groundbreakers Team

Java.net, the home of Java community projects, has been re-launched with a new look and new tools for developers. The move from CollabNet to the Kenai infrastructure offers more flexibility for developers who want to host or contribute to community projects.  Instead of the large, fixed infrastructure per project (for example, several mailing lists per project), Kenai's ala carte features allow users to take only what they need. "We will continue to have the great mix of blogs, forums, and editorial content as well as new tools on the project side, including Mercurial, Git, and JIRA for developers," Java.net Community Manager Sonya Barry explains.

The migration was a huge effort. Over 1400 projects were migrated (and some 30 projects are left to go). A large part of the migration was a big cleanup of abandoned projects. With the high abandonment rate of open source projects, the was a lot to remove. The new java.net site is smaller, faster and now the percentage of good, current content is much higher.

Check it out at http://home.java.net/!

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Comments ( 2 )
  • Marcel Wednesday, March 23, 2011
    Your self-congratulation is off-putting. Every project I have checked (more than a dozen) was a disaster zone, with all artifacts MIA except source downloads via SVN. In case the project had a web page elsewhere and only used java.net for storage and other back-end functions, all the links went bad. This is a major, major screwup.
    As for dropping abandoned projects, I think you screwed up here, too. Another name for 'abandoned' is 'stable'. You may have tried to contact the project owner(s) and dropped the projects whose owner(s) did not respond but what about users? Even an inactive project can be useful to some!
  • Sonya Barry Thursday, March 24, 2011
    I'm sorry that you feel that way. We are working with project owners to rebuild the projects and trying to identify headless projects and look for people to take them over internally or from the community. All of the old web content is available in the project source repository, and downloads are available at java.net/downloads/.
    The vast majority of the projects left behind truly were abandoned - fewer than 3 commits, no documentation, not even a good description of what they were intended for in the first place. Anything stable that came up by user request has been added to the site. We have a list of about 50 that we are waiting for Collab to deliver the final source for. If you have another project in mind that you can't find, let me know and we'll add it to the list.
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