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JavaOne Event Expands with More Tracks, Languages and Communities – and New Name

The JavaOne conference is expanding to create a new, bigger event that’s inclusive to more languages, technologies and developer communities. Expect more talks...


Announcing GraalVM: Run Programs Faster Anywhere

Current production virtual machines (VMs) provide high performance execution of programs only for a specific language or a very small set of languages....


Running Spring Boot in a Docker container on OpenJDK, Oracle JDK, Zulu on Alpine Linux, Oracle Linux, Ubuntu

(Originally published on  javaoraclesoa.blogspot.com) Spring Boot is great for running inside a Docker container. Spring Boot applications ‘just run’. A Spring...


Announcing Fn–An Open Source Serverless Functions Platform

We are very excited to announce our new open source, cloud agnostic, serverless platform–Fn. The Fn project is a container native Apache 2.0 licensed serverless...


Meet the New Application Development Stack - Managed Kubernetes, Serverless, Registry, CI/CD, Java

Oracle OpenWorld 2017, JavaOne, and Oracle Code Container Native Highlights New Oracle Container Native App Dev Platform: Managed Kubernetes + CI/CD + Private...


Introducing Application Cache Client Java SDK for Oracle Cloud

The Oracle Application Container Cloud (ACCS)'s Application Cache provides (as the name implies) caching for applications! As Mike Lehmann explained in Caching...


Testing Java EE 7 Applications in Docker with Arquillian-Cube

Arquillian is a powerful and flexible testing framework that allows you to test your applications or frameworks with your target application server. The tests...


Test and Deploy WebLogic and Oracle Database Applications on Docker

Tight integration between Oracle WebLogic Server and Oracle Database provide a strong infrastructure to develop, and test application with improved...


Official Docker Image for Oracle Java and the OpenJDK Roadmap for Containers

The world likes cloud, cloud, cloud. One of key challenges with cloud is setting up a consistent, reproducible environment that scales to thousands/millions of...