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Installing ODB12c on Oracle Solaris 11 in 5 Steps

Laura Ramsey
Manager, Oracle Database Developer Communities

Hey Hey DBAs:  You know you can  install and run Oracle Database 12c on different platforms, but if you install it on an Oracle Solaris 11 zone, you can take advantage of these capabilities:

  • Isolation - Database processes that execute in one zone have
    no access to database processes running in another zone. This isolation
    simplifies database consolidation, allowing multiple instances and
    versions to coexist safely on a single physical machine.
  • Independently Managed and Autonomous Environments - A
    non-global zone can be booted, patched, and shut down independently. A
    failure or reboot of one zone has no impact on other zones (unless, of
    course, a failure is due to a shared component). A zone reboot is faster
    than a full server reboot (seconds versus minutes), so a database in a
    rebooted zone is available more quickly.
  • Distinctive Identity - You can define virtual network
    interfaces for a zone, so you can give the database instance installed
    on that zone its own independent host name and IP address. You can also
    apply networking resource controls to zones, aligning network bandwidth
    consumption with service level targets.
  • Easy Database Instance Migration - If a database needs more
    CPU power, you can add CPUs to an Oracle Solaris Zone and reboot the
    zone. If a database needs more compute capacity than what's available in
    the physical server, you can migrate the zone to a larger server.
  • Hard Partitioning - Assigning a resource pool or capping CPU
    cores can configure Oracle Solaris Zones as hard partitions for Oracle
    Database licensing purposes. This can potentially lower database
    licensing costs.

So, you want to install Oracle Database 12c in an Oracle Solaris 11 zone...with hard partitioning?  This article from good friends Ginny Henningsen and Glynn Foster on the Oracle Solaris product
management team shows you how to do it.  

Tech Article: 5 Steps to Installing Oracle Database 12c on Oracle Solaris 11

Ciao for Now!

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